Barotrauma Tram

Barotrauma – How to Setup Navigation Terminal Controlled Turret System

A very simple tutorial about setting up a Navigation Terminal controlled turret system. You just need 1 atan component and 4 wires.

The Basic Design

  • Place atan component.
  • Navigation terminal: Velocity_x_out > atan component: Signal_in_x
  • Navigation terminal: Velocity y_out > atan component: Signal_in_y
  • Atan component: Signal_out > Turret: Position_in
  • Navigation terminal: Signal_out_1/2/3 > Turret: Trigger_in

And you are all set!

Using a periscope to control the turret automatically overrides the system so it’s very good.

This is best used with manual fire weapons, and with full auto, weapons use the design below.

Autofire Mode

You will need 1 atan component, 1 memory component, 1 relay component, and 6 wires.

  • Set up the same atan circuit above.
  • Navigation terminal: Signal_out_1/2/3 > Relay component: Toggle_state
  • Relay component: Check the box off saying: (is on)
  • Memory component: value=1
  • Memory component: Signal_out > Relay component: Signal_in_1
  • Relay component: Signal_out_1 > Turret: Trigger_in

Now it will fire in autofire mode.

These are simple circuits that you can use on your sub, enjoy!

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