Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 – All Game Modes

Just like any other video game, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is offering several game modes that every player can enjoy. Before you start your journey as a professional angler, here are the game modes that you should know in the game.

Bassmaster Venues

This mode is for players that want to jump in and do some relaxing fishing in a non-competitive environment. Choose any of the venues in-game and explore the waters at ease, so you’re ready when it comes to tournament fishing.

Career Mode

You can play out your career just like the pros, taking on multiple tournaments when you start your career. Expect Pro Challenges, Grand Slam events, and traditional tournaments as you move up through the College Series, Opens, and Elite Series to get to the final stage — The Bassmaster Classic.


Bassmaster Royale – Bassmaster Royale is an all-new, adrenaline-pumping game mode where you’ll go head-to-head with other players to be the last player standing. This mode follows the traditional Bassmaster rules, which are the total weight of your biggest 5 bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted Bass). To stay in the game, you’ll need to keep your fish weight total above other players or risk getting eliminated throughout the match. The player with the largest weight at the end of the match is the winner.

Freedom Fishing – Online Freedom Fishing is where you can fish with friends. Choose a venue server and join to fish with other anglers.

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