Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven Controls and Shortcuts Guide

This guide will cover the list of Batora: Lost Haven controls and key bindings. Batora: Lost Haven is an action RPG developed by Stormind Games. The game has been officially released in October 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Windows PC via Steam.

Batora: Lost Haven Controls

The following are the default Batora: Lost Haven keybindings and shortcuts. You can change these default controls in the settings section of the game.

Character’s MovementLeft Mouse Button
Autoskip DialoguesB
Nature SwitchUp Arrow
Nature SwitchMouse Wheel Up
Frontal Attack / Directional AttackLeft Mouse Button
Skill 1 Combat Roll / Mental BlinkSpacebar
Skill 2 Solar Wind / Psychic Distortion1
Skill 3 Leap of Courage / Inner Storm2
Skill 4 Vengeance Shield / Reality Mirror3
Ultimate Skill Lunisolar PrecessionQ
Guiding FirefliesMiddle Mouse Button
Nature BoostE
Character MenuTab
Pause MenuEsc
Zoom In / OutAlt
Batora: Lost Haven Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, the developer of the game has also confirmed that you can use a gamepad controller to play Batora: Lost Haven on Windows PC.