– How To Do A Police Chase

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can do a police chase in Beam Along with the details, you will also be able to get some tips and tricks to make a successful chase. Police Chase Guide

Getting Started

So you want to open your game and spawn in a new world. (I recommend West Coast, USA). Then choose your police car and spawn a bandit car right next to it. Then you want to press escape, and hover over the sidebar and go down until you see “Customize UI Apps”.

Then you want to go to the radial menu (which should be in the middle of your screen) and press the white plus with the orange background. A screen should appear. I will not be teaching you about the other things on the screen beside the AI one. The second customization option should say “AI Control”. Click on it, and it should appear. Move it out of the way so it won’t obstruct your view. Now press escape 2 times and you should be on the normal screen.

Now you want to press tab until you get to your bandit car. The first option on the AI widget should say “Disabled”. Click on it, and there should be a drop-down menu. Click flee, and the ca should start running away automatically. Now press tab until you get in your police car. The chase is on!

Modifying The Police Chase

An option to modify the police chase is to have you as the bandit. All you have to do is press tab until you get to the police car, go to the first customization option, then the drop-down menu, and select chase. The police car will now start chasing the bandit car. Get in the bandit car, and try to evade the police!

Another customization option is having multiple police. Spawn multiple police cars and a bandit car. Drive the bandit car far away so he won’t get caught in one second. Now, set all the police cars to chase. Notice they don’t move. Go to the bandit car, and check it’s the license plate, put it to memory, and go back to the police cars. Now, you want to go to the “target” section where it says “vehicle”. Go to the drop-down menu and select the bandit’s licence plate number (it will be the first number).

Do this to every single police car, and they will start chasing the bandit car. Get in the bandit car, and run!!! The only problem is, you cannot be a police car. On AI, the bandit can only flee from one police car. That means the others will easily pit him because he won’t try to run away. Don’t to multiple bandit cars and multiple police cars for this same reason. But you can do multiple bandits and one police by setting them to all run from the police car.

You can do a game mode called “knockdown”. First, spawn a bunch of Ibushu Pigeons. Then, spawn a big truck. Set all the Pigeons to flee from the truck. And get the truck and ram them over like bowling pins. You can also set them to go a certain speed all the way. You can do this by going to the “route speed” section. On the mph selector, use the arrows to set the speed up and down. Then on the selection option next to it, go to the drop-down menu and select “Set”. Then do this for all of the Pigeons too, and they will all be going the speed that you selected! You can substitute for the Pigeons and the truck if you want to.

Extras and Farewell

The police car I recommend is the Hirochi Sunburst Police Interceptor. Press M once for the lightbar, and twice for the sound! For the bandit car, choose something that is decently fast, and choose something that would look like you could put duct tape on the back and it would look scary.

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