Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A simple walkthrough guiding you through the game and its DLC while making sure you get every achievement.

Chapter I

Once you’re in control click your notebook on the lower right then paint the four yellow areas as directed by holding the mouse button over it.
After a small scene pick up your paintbrush.
Now look to your right and click on the highlighted cassette player.

Here press the left button, drag the tape inside, click to close it and the click the play button.

The next achievement is missable so read ahead before doing anything.
Look behind you to find a laptop, click on it then press the ENTER key on your keyboard several times to write until you get the AUTOCOMPLETE ACHIEVEMENT.

BE WARNED other keys will complete the letter but you will NOT get the achievement.

Time for breakfast, so click on the kitchen to the left of the canvas to get a closer look and be warned, we have another missable achievement to go with our food here.

I think, might be available in other chapters where you cook but I can’t confirm and why wait when you can do it here?

Drag the bread to the toaster and then to the plate when it pops out.
Drag an egg to the pan and wait for about 10 seconds, the OVER HARD ONLY ACHIEVEMENT will pop to confirm your egg is all nice and cooked. You can now drag the pan to the plate.

Click several time on your breakfast to eat.

Before finishing up let’s get another achievement out of the way, see this wall calendar reading Jan 23th to the right of your kitchen?

Simply click on it then times, each time it’ll shine briefly and make a small sound. On your tenth click you’ll get the MANET’S BIRTHDAY ACHIEVEMENT.

Now to finish our to-do list click on the coffee maker to the left of your kitchen, drag the coffee bag on it, drag a cup to the saucer and then drag the jug over it to fill it with coffee.

Click on your canvas for a small scene then click the old man, sleeping cat and highlighted painting (top left) to sketch them all on your journal.

You now have to find the “similar painting” in your studio, it’s this one just to the right of the window.

Something is missing, so paint the sun to make a small drawer open, click on the drawer twice to get everything.
You’ll now have a very simple puzzle to put the three pieces together then you’ll have to find something similar again.
Turn around to find it in the corner between the laptop and coffee maker.

Click on it and solve the puzzle by clicking on the leaves that are darker in the picture from your notebook, there’s five of them. Once solved get the green paint.

Go back to your canvas and paint the green areas, to switch colours simply click on them on your palette.

The perspective will shift, once you can move click on the sunflower picture, the cat behind you and finally the white and green canvas, this will end the chapter and you’ll get the INSPIRATION ACHIEVEMENT.

Chapter II

Wow, what a mess!

Interact with the cassette player to put it back then get the piece of paper that’s on the tape before putting said tape back in and playing some music.

Go to your kitchen, put the poor toaster back in its place, get another piece of paper then drag the pan on the stove. Make breakfast and eat it just like in the previous chapter.

Turn around to see someone has made a mess near your lapton!
Get close and put the glass back on its coaster before picking up yet another piece of paper, you can now open the laptop and type your letter once again.

The chaos continues to your coffee maker so get close, click the plate, get the piece of paper then drag the jug and cup to their rightful places before making coffee.

Turn to your window and there’s a cat there! Click on it for a scene.
Click on the old man to make a sketch then pick up the last piece of paper from your window sill.
Now that you have them all simply put the pieces back together.

We’re hunting for a drawing again, this time it’s the red and white box behind your laptop.

This is a puzzle but before you solve it we have another missable achievement to get.
It’s simple, click every single square on the box so that it turns white.
This’ll give you the snarky YOU’VE PRESSED 78 BUTTONS ACHIEVEMENT, go us!

Now complete the puzzle by clicking buttons to recreate the image in your notebook.
This is how it’d look whe finished:

Get the color and note from the drawer then go back to your canvas and color the red areas.

The scene will change, here simply click on the man, lady and cat before clicking the canvas behind you.
This’ll complete the chapter and give you the TURNING POINT ACHIEVEMENT.

Chapter III

You’ll have to do your usual routine again so put a tape in the player, make/ eat breakfast, work on your resume and brew some coffee.
Once you look out the window click on the old man and his painting to sketch them, then hunt for the familiar painting.
This one’s to the left of your coffee machine.

Paint an umbrella in yellow over the man and a red one over the woman then get the drawing from the drawer that opens up.
Find this drawing on the right of your window.

Click on it and paint a yellow umbrella for the man, near his hand, and a green sign above.
I had a few issues with this one,if you do too here’s- roughly-the area you’re supposed to paint.

Once again pick a drawing and look for it in your room, this one’s is to the right of a lamp.

On this one you need to draw the usual red umbrella for the lady, yellow umbrella for the guy and a yellow sun between the buildings. Take the note and drawing.

You’ll be asked to order the three drawings, put the one where it rains first, the green sign in the middle and the sunny one for last. You’ll get a new drawing.

Go back to the painting with the green sign, to the right of your window, and add the yellow and red cups to it to get some blue paint.

Get back to your canvas, sketch twice when prompted and then paint the appropriate areas blue.

You’ll be in a new scene, here click on the man, the lady, both, the sign and both of them again.
Finally, click on the painting to finish the chapter and get the ENCOUNTER ACHIEVEMENT.

Chapter IV

After the scene click on the man in front of you.
Now click on the door to get closer and we have a missable one here, so before doing anything else, click on this door eleven times to get the CAN’T GET IT OPEN ACHIEVEMENT.

Now click on the lamp to the right of said door and pick up the photo piece.

Our next puzzles involves unlocking the laptop, there’s several clues around the room in the form of colored arrows: they’re in front of the cassette player, hidden on the toaster (drag the plate away), near the coffee machine (another plate) and to the right of the laptop.

Now click on the page with dots near your laptop and draw from each coloured dot accordingly.
If done correctly a code will appear: 1618 , use it to unlock your laptop, print the message then get the photo piece on the right.

Look at the brown door, opposite the blue one we got the achievement from, to see it needs a code.
There’s a red umbrella as a clue, if you look at your notebook you’ll find the name of the lady who was using it in the previous chapters (Amber). Input that code and enter.

In the new room let’s get another missable out of the way, simply look up as far as you’re allowed, click on the black ceiling and wait until you get the WHEN YOU GAZE INTO THE ABYSS ACHIEVEMENT.

Click on the sunflower picture just to the right of where you entered and use your notebook to complete it (it’s missing two leaves and one petal) to get a note from Amber (yellow).
Look to the right and do the same with the cat painting (right ear, tip of the tail and right leg) and get a second note from Amber (red).
Now find the painting with the couple to the left of the door and complete it as well (red umbrella, yellow umbrella, yellow sun) to get yet another note from Amber (blue).

Turn around to find a box on the floor.

Interact with it for another puzzle, use the notes you’ve found to click the shapes and set the colours accordingly so yellow top, red middle and blue at the bottom. Get the kitchen drawing and white paint.

The kitchen drawing is behind you, to the left of the couple one. Interact and complete it using the drawing you just found as reference (a green cupboard with white and yellow areas within).

Leave this room and go to your real kitchen to see a cupboard has appeared, get closer to it for another puzzle, solve it sunflower on top, umbrella on middle and cat at the bottom to get the last photo piece.

Put together the three photo pieces, go back to the other room and click on the cassette player in front of you, paint it following the photo you’ve just put together (white rectangle on the left)

Now return to the main room and interact with the cassette player to put the tape in and hit play to finish the chapter.

Chapter V

There’s three bright paintings in front of you.

Click the left one, look around and interact with the two easels and the picnic. Click on the window to exit.

In the cafe we have another missable, turn right and look at the green wooden sign, zoom on it as much as you can using mouse wheel and wait for THE KISS ACHIEVEMENT to pop.

With that done click on the laptop, the green sign/table/1918 sign area and finally the table with the sun hat before exiting through the new door.

Here look around and click on the picnic baskets and easels then on the new painting, pick up the purple paint.

We’re back in the main room, click the canvas in front of you and use the notebook as reference to paint it.

After the scene turn around and click on the open blue door, the couple and the couple again, finally pick up the paintbrush to finish this chapter, we’re almost there!

Chapter VI

Click on the yellow paint splash to the right of the window.

Complete the name, it’s Jack but spelled backwards then click on the window in front of you.

The scene will change, here simply click until the ending scene plays.

You can skip the credits, once done you’ll get the BEHIND THE FRAME and SEEN THE VOICE IN THE PAINTING achievements, even though we haven’t technically unlocked every achievement yet as we still have the DLC to go through…so let’s continue!



Click on the cat in front of you then on the can to his left, be warned we have another missable here, and there’s another achievement tied to opening three cans.
To get it simply click the can once to get closer, then click and drag to open if partially and close it again a few times, do not open it fully yet!
Keep it like this at most…

And go back and forth until you get the POSTMODERN CAT LID ACHIEVEMENT.

Then open it fully and feed the cats.

Turn around to find a lavender plant and a watering can, click and drag to water the plant.

To your left, click on the canvas and complete the painting (minus the fields since we’re missing a colour) using your notebook as reference.

You’ll hear a knock at the door, pick up the mail and open it to receive a photo of Amber (note the time, familiar uh) and a letter.
Turn around to find the paint box on the floor, you know the combination right? Use 1618 to get yellow paint, go back to your canvas and finish the painting.

Click the letter between the cat and canvas and “sketch” a letter by dragging your mouse.

Turn left to see the cats sleeping together, aww, so cute.

Click them to start another sketch then go back to the letter to sketch it again then drag everything to the envelope and click a few times.


Open another can of cat food, serve it, turn around to water the lavender plant and pick up the lavender branch that falls.

Click on the stuff at the top of shelf here.

Drag everything to their place and get the red paint plus Amber’s note from the box.

Click on the canvas and finish the painting as usual.

More mail, so pick it up and read everything.
Once done sketch another letter at your desk then move to the canvas and paint everything in yellow. Then sketch another letter, drag everything into the envelope and send it.


Take the letters and open them all, then open and serve our final can of cat food to get the HE AND HIS CAT ACHIEVEMENT.

Look at the lavender pot, open the paint box that’s behind your writing desk (code is always [spoilers]1618[/spoilers]) then go to your canvas and drag all over to complete it.
The door will open so go through it.

We’re outside! Click the cat then go down these stairs.

Down here turn around until you see the green plant to the right of the big tree, click to sketch it.

Go up the stairs to go back to where you were, before you do anything else there’s another missable here! Simply go down and up the stairs you’ve just used a total of four more times to unlock the RUN, JACK RUN! ACHIEVEMENT.

Turn around until you see Amber and click on her once to make her move and click the way she went to advance.

Do not proceed further as we have another missable here! Turn to the left to see this alley.

Click to move into it then, in the new area, look up for two white birds close to the windows and left for a bakery, click to sketch them both.

For sketching the plant, birds and bakery you’ll get the REALIST ARTIST ACHIEVEMENT.

Go back to the previous area.
The next achievement is also missable (I think) so read ahead to know what you have to do!

Click Amber again, follow her and be ready, Once you reach the coffee shop turn around and there’ll be several visions of Amber all around you, they’ll slowly turn transparent and disappear, you must keep looking around, clicking all the visions before they disappear completely, until the SO LOST ACHIEVEMENT pops up. I had to get 8 before it popped.

Once done let her disappear and pick up the umbrella for a scene.

At home read the mail then drag around the canvas three times.
Sketch another letter, drag it in and close it as done before.

Click on the letter, you can look around your apartment one last time if you wish (pet the cat please!) and when you’re ready simply use the red cloth behind you to finish the DLC.

This will give you both MATURITY and THE FINEST SCENERY achievements and 100% the game, congrats!

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