Belle Automata – How to Get the Perfect Ending

This guide will show you how to get the perfect ending for Victor and The Nightmare Prince in Belle Automata.


This guide will tell you how to get the perfect ending for Victor and The Nightmare Prince. I may update it when Chronicles 2 and 3 are released.

I will not explain in detail how to get onto the two routes, as it is fairly self-explanatory. It seems like it just comes down to whether you choose to help perform chores or explore the mansion when you arrive.

Let me know in the comments if you spot any errors. Also, forgive the rather lackluster design and layout, it is my first guide ever.


After you have officially started on Victor’s route, choose these dialogue options:

  • Victor, how did you end up here?
  • Make people feel like you do.
  • I greet the two of them cheerily.
  • Um… why do you pay house visits here?
  • Address Zaffre first.
  • Ask him if he felt embarrassed.
  • Try to tease him back.
  • Tell him he’s right.
  • I don’t know what comes next.
  • That is pleasing.
  • Adjust his thinking.
  • Imagine it.
  • Power through.
  • Express determination.

The Nightmare Prince

Once you are on this route, choose the following options as they appear:

  • I’ll do what I know I can.
  • Accept his comforting words.
  • He’s a little strange.
  • … talk about Lenthes.
  • Doesn’t that make you human?
  • Reading his poetry?
  • I didn’t know you thought of me at all.
  • I imagine what it’d be like.
  • Make one of an interpretation of Quentis.
  • Well, that’s not how I view you.
  • I care for Quentis.
  • Support me how?
  • Tell him everything.
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