Best 3rd Party Trackers That Are Still Working For Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been constantly releasing new updates to fight abusive users who are using GPS spoofing apps. While Niantic wants to take down all third-party apps and websites, there are some that are actually useful in Pokemon GO.

These are the Pokemon map trackers. Yes, it violates the rules of Pokemon GO, but in my opinion, I think it depends on how players use it. During the first months of Pokemon GO, one of the best Pokemon map trackers for the game is the PokeVision. However, it was later shutdown by the company as they take down 3rd party websites.

Best Pokemon Trackers For Pokemon GO

  • Go Tools for Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Map
  • PokeVS
  • PokeHuntr
  • Other local Pokemon map trackers

The discontinued service of PokeVision has pushed more web and app developers to make a new Pokemon map trackers to help other players with their journey. There are lots of available Pokemon trackers right now, but we compiled the best one on this article.

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