Best Tips and Tricks in THE FINALS

Thesis explanation of game mechanics and its subtle tricks that can help you reach the finals!


Hey people!

I would like to share with you some small (and maybe for someone HIDDEN) tips, mechanics and actions that you can perform in The Finals to help you understand the game a bit more. Feel free to suggest your tips and tricks in the comments, if you can’t find yours in this guide, so I’ll add them as well (maybe).

This Guide is separated in 4 segments: Softcore, Midcore, Hardcore, and Funny Stuff.


Tips for the Little Ones

Element effects and counters

Do you also get annoyed by the stinking gas mines near the Cashouts? Or perhaps you’re constantly set on fire, and you don’t know how to fight the flames?

There is the “elements” mechanic in The Finals of which there are 5 in the game – Poison Gas, Fire, Smoke, Glitch, and Goo. And almost each of these elements can be countered:

  • Poison Gas will ignite and disappear if there is something flammable in its radius;
  • Fire is extinguished by smoke (it will extinguish even you in flames);
  • Smoke doesn’t dissipate unless the player uses perks or special equipment – Recon Senses perk for Medium class and Thermal Vision equipment for Light Class;
  • The Glitch effect is only applied by the special Glitch Grenade that is only used by Light Class and it temporarily disables any of your perks, or equipment from use, except the main weapon. Cannot be countered;
  • Goo’s weakness is fire, but we will talk about it later.

Goo and it’s weakeness

Goo has a vulnerability to fire. Any Goo from any source, be it a Goo barrel, Goo Gun, or Goo Grenade, it will catch fire from any source of flames – Flamethrowers, fire barrels, or fire grenades.

If you ignite just one section of Goo, the flames will spread to all connected parts of the Goo nearby. Goo burns until destruction, which takes approximately 7 seconds.

Now you know how to deal with this constantly interfering white substance.

Goo Placement

Let’s talk a bit more about Goo. This stuff can withstand a decent amount of damage and can serve as a temporary barricade, for example, when defending Cashout or retreating to stop gunfire from hitting you in the back. It’s also useful for tactical movement around the map!

To begin with, Goo spreads in different ways. Using a Goo barrel or Goo grenade, upon impact, you’ll create a 2 by 4 wall of Goo. The wall will always face you if you hit the floor with it. If you throw the barrel or grenade at a wall, the Goo wall will appear perpendicular to the wall. And If you hit the ceiling, only 2 Goo spots will appear, facing downwards.

Each Goo lasts for about 1 minute. After that, if no one has broken or burned it, it self-destructs.

Throwing stuff around can actually hurt people

Okay, enough about Goo.

Did you know that in the game, you can throw various items? Of course, you knew. Grab a flowerpot by pressing the “F” key and toss it by clicking the left mouse button.

But did you know that a flowerpot will inflict some damage if it hits your opponent’s body? The Medium class will die from 5 hits of any garden utensil or even a Vault box that you carry to Cashout. The light class will die from 3 hits and the Heavy class – 7 hits.

And if you attach a mine or C4 to such an item, you’ll have an improvised launcher made from a lantern or a fan.

Throw things futher

You can also throw items over longer distances by performing the following actions:

  • Crouching slightly increases the range, but not significantly.
  • You’ll achieve the maximum throwing force while running.

If you’re just standing or walking will got grant you any additional boost.

It’s also worth considering the class you’re playing. The Light class, although the fastest, is the weakest. His throwing range is the shortest. The heavy class is the champion at tossing various debris, affected by gravity.

How to deal with windows

Alright, you’ve already grasped a lot, but what about WINDOWS? Windows in The Finals are a pretty straightforward concept, but not entirely.

  • You can easily pass through any glass window in the game just by slamming into it . There’s no need to shoot or melee it beforehand;
  • It’s a different story with closed windows. If you’re outside a building and the shutters are covering the window, you’ll have to teach them a lesson and give them a good elbow strike in order to enter. Or shoot them. Just using your body won’t allow to break in;
  • If you’re inside a building and the windows are closed with shutters from the outside, you don’t need to break anything manually. Ram them like a maniac with your torso, and you’re good to go.

Ziplines and ladders are breakable

You’ve hidden on the roof and don’t want anyone climbing up to you using a zipline or a vertical ladder? Just break them, Jesus Christ.

  • Any zipline can be broken with two melee hits, several shots from your weapon or just rcploding them;
  • A vertical zipline can be broken by hitting the iron end of the hanging rope;
  • The ladder can be broken as well.

Grappling Hook quick evasion

If you’re playing as the Light class and using the grappling hook as a perk, the best way to avoid damage from your enemies is to use it. But if there are no convenient vertical structures around to latch onto, feel free to attach it directly to the ground beneath you. This will give you acceleration, allowing you to quickly leave the danger zone.

Turret and other deployables placements

Many may not have noticed this, but some deployable gear for the Medium class can be placed not only on the floor but also on walls and even ceilings!

  • For example, the Medium class turret can be placed almost anywhere;
  • The same goes for the APS turret;
  • Additionally, you can rotate your turret in different directions by pressing the right mouse button!

Jump pad can be destroyed

And speaking of Medium class deployables – Jump Pads can be placed almost anywhere as well whether it’s a wall or a ceiling!

And it can be destroyed! Wow


Ok, now you know how to throw things, how to jump, and how to walk forward. It’s time for a bit more complicated tips for you.

Turret on carryables

Did you know that you can place deployables on carryable objects? Well, now you do.

  • Place your turret on any object that you can hold and carry it’s portable now! And fully functional!
  • Set your turret and your friends’ turrets on a single object! Up to three turrets on one portable object – overkill!
  • Attach not only explosives to objects but also make the APS Turret portable!
  • Throw this monstrosity at your enemies!

Turrets are indestructible?

Yes, turrets are indestructible… but only if you destroy the object or surface on which your turret is placed.

As we discussed earlier, you can deploy turrets on various, unconventional surfaces. But if that surface breaks, don’t worry about your trusty firearm companion. It will be just fine.

Throwables and punches

Finally, a useful tip!

When you’re picking barrels with various strange contents in them, sometimes it makes sense to give them a good whack before throwing them somewhere.

  • If you have a barrel of flammable liquid in your hands, hitting it twice without releasing will ignite it, making it ready to explode immediately, rather than after hitting the ground or being shot.
  • If you’re holding a Goo barrel, it will create a triangle of Goo around itself.
  • If you have a smoke canister in your hands, you can use it to extinguish yourself and the surroundings, benefiting both you and your allies.
  • If you’re holding a canister of poisonous gas, I don’t recommend hitting it while it’s in your hands. It deals significant damage, and the ground impact effect is the same.

Rocket Propane Tanks

Almost forgot, if you attach C4 to a propane canister and launch it into an obstacle or an enemy, you can deal significant damage! The main thing is to press the right mouse button in time to trigger the explosion.

And you can attach not only C4 but also various mines to things that can be thrown!

In particular, the effect with the propane canister is interesting. When launching such an improvised rocket, the canister itself flies noticeably slower than without a mine on it. However, the explosive effect is determined by the mine attached to the canister. Attach anything you can to these red death balloons and launch this firework at your enemies! I hope you hit your mark.

Propane tank whack

I just love this simple but incredibly useful tip.

Have you ever noticed that when you throw a propane tank at a short distance, it doesn’t explode immediately — sometimes it bounces off surfaces or your enemies, which can be really frustrating?

Well, if you give the canister a quick melee hit before launching it, it almost guaranteedly explodes upon impact with an obstacle. This makes these canisters a much more useful tool in my opinion. And way more dangerous for your enemies.

Jump further on Jump Pads

If you need to gain extra speed when using Jump Pads (whether stationary or portable – doesn’t matter), this small tip will come in handy:

  • Make sure to run before stepping onto the Jump Pad;
  • Right before you step on the Jump Pad, press the crouch button to perform a Slide.
  • This will accelerate your character, allowing you to cover a greater distance.

Goo Traversal

Goo is actually one pretty neat mechanic. Using Goo, you can not only create barricades but also build primitive structures for navigation across the map. For example:

  • Using Goo Gun you can build a bridge out of Goo, connecting one distant point to another;
  • You can shoot Goo Gun beneath your feet, jumping to build a tower of Goo and quickly reach elevated areas;
  • You can construct a staircase on a wall and climb it to reach higher places;
  • You can use Goo grenades to create a platform, allowing you to jump onto it and reach your desired location.

Grapple Hook traversal

The grappling hook in the game can be a bit unintuitive. I think this advice will help you understand it a bit better, especially when you use it to climb higher and avoid immediately falling down.

  • While hooked, press “Shift + S” to give yourself a slight boost above the point where you are hooked. This helps prevent hitting the wall face-first and then falling to the ground.
  • Alternatively, after hooking, don’t touch anything else on the keyboard to let yourself be lifted slightly upwards in the same way. The effect is slightly weaker than the advice above.
  • If you want to ensure that you crash headfirst into the walls, hold “Shift + W” and fly lower or directly to the point where the hook is attached. I don’t recommend doing this if you want to climb higher.

Jump and slide

I can bet that some of you may have noticed the movement speed seems to have changed in the released version of the game. If you still feel something’s off, even after increasing your FOV, you’re not mistaken. The developers did change something after all.

Without going into all the details, now to execute a slide after landing, you must hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and then hold crouch. Previously, you didn’t have to press Shift, and the slide would still happen.

So, to perform a slide after a jump now, you need to:

  • Hold down the Shift key;
  • Keep the W key pressed;
  • Just before landing, press the crouch button.

Then you’ll get it right.

Jump Pads everywhere

Jump pads can be placed on any surface of any object on the map if the area allows the Jump Pad to fit entirely on it.


it’s time for some big TIPS

Goo and Jump Pad

Finally, our beloved Goo is back, and not just Goo but in combination with the Jump Pad!

The Jump Pad sets quite well on the uneven surface of Goo, so you can try to do the following:

  • Create a homemade catapult and launch grenades, mines, and explosive or poisonous canisters in the direction of enemies. In fact, anything you like can be thrown onto the Jump Pad, and it will fly. However, sometimes it might go off course;
  • Make a makhomemade catapult for yourself and your team! And oh, the tricks you can pull off with such a construction? Well, you may be amazed…

Fire Grenade through the floor

I consider the last few tips especially useful, and you can often use them in battle to turn the situation on the battlefield in your favor.

For example, did you know that if you ignite the ceiling with an incendiary grenade, those on the floor above will take damage from such an attack? Now you know. Use it wisely to smoke out enemies lurking near CashOut.

Gas Mines are OP

Mines with poisonous gas, in my opinion, are the most useful gadget in the entire game. And the most dangerous. Let’s add even more danger to them:

  • If you place a mine on the ceiling and detonate it, enemies and allies on the floor above will take damage, even through the floor.
  • The same situation occurs when you detonate a mine on a floor above enemies. Enemies and allies below will take damage from the gas.

Far Jump with Grappling Hook

I love the grappling hook in this game. But you need to learn how to use it before it truly starts helping you, both in combat and when moving around.

In particular, it’s essential to understand that you shouldn’t rely on the game to turn off the grapple automatically. You need to disable it yourself after use to avoid getting stuck and cover long distances.

  • The grapple is deactivated by pressing the “Q” button again.
  • If you don’t press the Q button, you may get stuck in the place where the grapple was initially attached.
  • Once you’ve gained the desired speed, looking in the direction you want, press the “Q” button again to maintain momentum and cover a greater distance.

Grapple Slide Jump

The grapple can be used not only for attracting to a single point or for jumps but is also effective in skilled hands for quite complex tricks.

For example, you can spin yourself in mid-air using the grapple, potentially gaining momentum and speed for a subsequent launch at a higher velocity.

This is something to explore further, but the grapple in this game is somewhat similar to the one used in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. Inertia is preserved, and you don’t just teleport yourself in the direction of the grapple attachment point.



Self-propel Propane tank

Think The Finals has nothing in common with Fortnite? Think again! At the very least, they share something in common.

If you stand on a propane tank, aim at its valve, and shoot it with a precise shot, you’ll be carried through the air on that tank for some time! It’s intriguing to think about the possibilities this opens up.

Jump Pads are not, what they seems to be

Jump Pads are actually quite independent physical objects, not just level decor entities! Surprisingly, if you do the following, you’ll get an unexpected result:

  • Place a Jump Pad on a destructible object.
  • Destroy that object.
  • See what the Jump Pad does.

Result on video.

Sniper rifle = railgun

I found a very interesting feature of the light class when using the shocker.

  • Take the shocker in your hands.
  • Come to a complete stop with it in your hands.
  • Start running.
  • While running, switch to any primary weapon.
  • If you don’t stop, the first shot will be right in the center of the screen.

This is particularly noticeable when using a sniper rifle. At full speed, without ADCing, with the right skills, you can land headshots!

However, I strongly advise against using this in a regular game. It is definitely a bug, and if you decide to exploit it, there is a high chance that you will be banned for exploiting. That’s why it falls into such a category.

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