Bitlife Generous Boss Challenge | How to Complete

A new challenge called Generous Boss is now available in Bitlife. If you’re planning to complete this new Bitlife challenge, you can find the full and detailed steps below.

How to Complete Generous Boss Challenge

To complete this Bitlife challenge, you need to meet the 5 requirements below:

  • Own a company with 20+ facilities
  • Own a company that sells 5+ products
  • Give employees $250K+ in bonuses
  • Pay your employees the Big Bucks for 10+ years
  • Have a salary of less than $100K for 10+ years

The details of the Generous Boss challenge in Bitlife is actually straightforward. You need to own more than 20 facilities by expanding your businesses. As you progress through your way of owning several facilities, upgrade one of your businesses so that you can sell at least 5 different products. Before getting a new facility, you also need to watch the salaries of your employees.

You need to earn more money as you need to give at least a $250k bonus to your employees. We recommend that you give them that $250k after 10 years, as one of the requirements to complete the Generous Boss challenge is to have a salary of less than $100k for at least 10 years. After a 10-year span of running your business, you can now go to the Employees tab and give them a $250,000 bonus.

That’s how you can complete the Generous Boss Challenge. Now that you’re done with this challenge, here’s how you can complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife.

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