BitLife – How to Complete Wet N Wild Challenge

This guide will be showing you the recently released challenge in BitLife. This time, the new challenge is called “Wet N Wild”, where you have to finish the 5 given tasks to complete the challenge. The following are the tasks that you need to work on:

  • Be born a female in Florida
  • Become a water slide tester for 20+ years
  • Sleep with 20+ men
  • Have 15+ children
  • Party 20+ times after age 50

How to Complete Wet N Wild Challenge

If you’re starting fresh in BitLife and want to play as a female from Florida, you should select the state as your character’s birthplace. If you have the God Mode, it’s advisable to boost your fertility and sexuality stats since having multiple children will be necessary at some point.

There’s nothing specific you need to do until you turn 18. When you reach that age, go to the Jobs section and search for the position of a Water Slide Tester. This is a unique job that may take a few attempts to find, so you may have to restart the app or age up a few times. Although the pay is not substantial, it’s a good starting point.

Your next step is to focus on finding romantic partners through the dating app. To do this, go to the Activities section and select Love. From there, choose the options for Date, Dating App, or Hook Up, with Hook Up being the preferred choice. It’s important to choose the option that says “Don’t use a condom” as your goal is to have 15 children. It’s unclear if adopting children counts towards this challenge, so that may be an option to consider.

Once you have successfully had at least 15 children, it’s time to enjoy your later years. When you reach the age of 50, go out partying at least 20 times. This can be done through the Nightlife option in the Activities tab.

And that’s it! You have completed the Wet N Wild Challenge in BitLife.