Bitlife The Snake in the Grass

BitLife The Snake in the Grass Challenge | How to Complete

Another week, another challenge! This time, Bitlife players will have to complete a new challenge called The Snake in the Grass. This week’s challenge requires players to complete four different tasks in order to complete the challenge. Here are the tasks and how to complete them.

How to Complete The Snake in the Grass Challenge

Let’s start this guide by giving you the list of tasks that you need to do:

  • Be born a male.
  • Become a marriage counselor.
  • Make an ex divorce their spouse.
  • Seduce a married coworker.

The first task is quite easy. All you need to do is start a new life or just continue the life of a male character if you have one.

Becoming a marriage counselor starts a messy job. First, you need to graduate from high school and enter a university with a psychology major. While in college, make sure that you perform well so you can easily get a job after graduation. After graduating, go to the Look for a Job option and search for the Marriage Counselor job. This is an entry-level job, so you will not be getting too much salary.

After getting the job, start working on the next task by finding a married co-worker. You can do this by opening the Co-Workers option and finding any woman and selecting the Ask Out option. Once you ask them, you can see their marital status, whether they are single or married. If you find a married woman, start complimenting them. Once you build a good relationship, ask them out. We recommend that you pick a female co-worker with low professionalism to avoid being reported to HR.

Now that we’re done with the three tasks, the last thing we need to complete is the Make an ex divorce their spouse task. To complete this task, open your Relationships tab and click Exes. From the list, find someone with a spouse. Once you find someone, start seducing them until you manage to hook up with them. Shortly, this will result in them getting a divorce, which also completes this week’s challenge.

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