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Black Book – Card Battle Mechanics Explained

While Black Book is offering good card-based battles, it seems that the developer forgot to give fans in-depth details about card battle mechanics. In fact, lots of players are confused about how the game properly works and how they can utilize every card they have in the game.

To help you understand the card battle mechanics, we’re here to discuss the firm, well-versed, piety, and fierce setup in Black Book. Here, we will be each one of them in terms of their usefulness.

Card Battle Mechanics

  • First off, fierce; it’s a trap. You’ll only have 2 or 3 chances to play that card per battle so we recommend to ignore it.
  • Firm is pretty good. A card stays on the board letting you use not only its effect but letting it count towards “well-versed”. Early game, the black firm cards aren’t that good, but the two white cards, the one that gives you piety and the one that gives you-ward, are really good.
  • Piety is great. Any value of piety you have is added to any shields you generate. This is pretty good on its own: if I use a 4 power Avoil, and I have 7 piety, I get 11 shields. What makes it grow out of hand is when you combine it with the ward. Ward gives you a shield at the start of every turn, and stacks with piety. This can snowball ridiculously fast.
  • Finally, well-versed is essentially the central mechanic of this card system. Right now you can play 3 or 4 cards a turn, but later you could be playing 6 on turn one (with the right item), and there are some powerful well-versed effects. You have the right call-looking gestures because they combo very well with well-versed. What if you had the two abilities that let you draw more keys? You could draw exactly 4 keys every turn, meaning you’d always know precisely what’s in your hand for the keys. So, maybe 3 key tongues and 1 firm ward generator. That means you always generating 3 wards no matter what, and always throwing out 3 damage, and adding 3 to your black well-versed score. Throw on some prayer from Peter and you’ll be out of control. 1 Peter with no other white cards will give you 4 prayers, you’ll be doing 15 damage first turn.

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