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Black Clover Introduces Two New Top Class Devils

The chaos in the war against the Spade Kingdom continues in the newest Black Clover Chapter 279. This chapter sees the introduction of two new top class devils that shocked the vice-captain of Black Bull and Captain Jack.

In the 279th chapter of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga titled “Door to Hell”, we have seen the arrival of top class devils that are about to face Nacht and Jack. Before the appearance of these top class devils, the manga hinted their arrival through Nacht, Yuno, and Charlotte Roselei.

As they fight the members of the Dark Triad, they have sensed an odd and strong power leaking from somewhere. Using Nacht’s shadow magic called Clairvoyant, the Black Bull’s vice-captain sees Morris, an exiled magic scholar from the Diamond Kingdom. For those who are unaware, Morris started working with the Spade Kingdom after being exiled.

The manga showcased the power of Morris, while revealing how he was able to extract Lolopechka’s wisdom and implement it into his own body. While sensing Morris, Nacht came up with a plan to stop him as the enemy has the capability to open the game. However, it was too late for them as the two top class devils already appeared.

Black Clover Chapter 279
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Currently, the newly summoned top class devils are located where Nacht and Jack are fighting Dante. Their names are still unknown but they already showcased their power by attack Nacht.

With the arrival of these two devils, Nacht and Jack are now facing three strong opponents. Will they be able to defeat it? Will there be someone who will come to help them? Let us know what you think by leaving your feedback below.

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