Black Clover

Black Clover Reaches 15 Million Copies In Circulation Since Its Release

Japanese author Yuki Tabata has reached another milestone for reaching more than 15 million copies of his Black Clover manga. According to the news, since its publication in February 2015, the manga already garnered more than 28 volumes, resulting in 15 million print copies.

It’s all thanks to the weekly update by the author for the Black Clover manga series. Currently, the manga is part of the Weekly Shonen Jump publication by Shueisha. While the anime production has been stopped, it seems that it’s not the reason for manga fans to stop supporting the series.

The Black Clover anime has been concluded last March 2021 after the release of the Black Clover Episode 170. Following the airing of the final episode, the production team behind the top-hit anime series that anime fans should watch out for the upcoming Black Clover anime.

As of writing, Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga series is almost close to reaching a total of 300 manga chapters. With the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 294 releasing on May 30th, fans are now excited to see more action in the Spade Kingdom Arc as Asta and the others fight the Dark Triad and the devils.

Regarding the return of the Black Clover anime, we still don’t have any news about this matter. It’s likely that Black Clover anime fans will be getting the news about the series after the release of the Black Clover movie.

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