Blackout Protocol Beginner’s Safe Room Guide

This guide will show you everything about safe room in Blackout Protocol.

Mission Failure

  • When you die during a mission, you’ll lose all collected resources, including Data Nugs, Blueprints, and Credits. So when you have them, use them!
  • Synaptic Enhancements will also be lost. If you want to keep your edge, spend Data Nugs in Safe Rooms to unlock persistent upgrades.

Medical Equipment and Supply Crates

  • Every Safe Room comes with a Medical Equipment station. Interacting with it will restore all HP, treat all Injuries, and refill your Panic Gauge.
  • You’ll also find a Supply Crate, which completely refills both your current clip and total ammo for all weapons.

DNS Defragmenter

  • During missions, you’ll come across blue collectables, known as Data Nugs. These are a precious resource that must be returned to S2P from the nearest DNS Defragmenter, available in the nearest Safe Room.
  • Submitting Data Nugs will net you unique, persistent upgrades that carry over between runs. Upgrading your Agent’s abilities in this way is vital to reaching the deepest levels of Section 13.
  • Unspent Data Nugs will be lost upon mission failure. To prevent this, most Safe Rooms have biometric security locks on the exits. If you’re not able to leave a Safe Room, double check to make sure you don’t have any unspent Data Nugs left over.

Weapons Printer

  • Agents can submit recovered Blueprints at a Weapons Printer to expand the list of available weapons when starting their next run. But blueprints will be lost upon mission failure, so if you have one on you, be careful not to die before reaching the next Safe Room.
  • Submitting Blueprints for a weapon already possessed will unlock progressively higher-tier versions.
  • All new weapons start at Tier 1, with a single Perk. Each new tier adds an additional Perk.
  • Perks activate when the required threshold in the corresponding Department stat has been met. Agents can increase their level in any Department by acquiring Synaptic Enhancements of the same type, or by purchasing persistent upgrades in any Safe Room.

Display Stands

  • S2P Display Stands offer weapons, which employees can purchase via company Credits. Credits are lost upon mission failure, so don’t hesitate to spend what you’ve got.
  • The weapons on offer will always be randomized, regardless of what else you’ve already unlocked. The deeper into the facility you get, the better the weapons on offer.
  • You’ll also occasionally encounter black market display stands outside of Safe Rooms. Though not company-approved, these function the same way.
  • Display Stands also offer Synaptic Enhancements. You can always see their color and Department type before purchasing.
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