Blackout Protocol Beginner’s Weapons and Synaptics Guide

This guide will show you how weapons and synaptics work in Blackout Protocol.

Weapon Blueprints and Levels

  • At the start of a run, Agents select a secondary weapon in addition to their default sidearm. To expand this selection, Agents can seek out Blueprints throughout the facility, and then submit them in a Safe Room.
  • Sometimes you’ll encounter a Blueprint for a weapon you’ve already unlocked, but at a higher level. Most weapons have multiple leveled versions, which range from 1 to 4. Higher-level weapons have the same base attack power but come with additional and more powerful Perks.
  • Perks are assigned to weapons randomly upon discovery or selection at the start of a game. The same weapon can offer a variety of synergies with different builds and upgrades depending on its perks, so take note of your Perks carefully each time you discover a weapon.

Weapon Perks

  • Weapon Perks become active upon reaching the displayed number of points in the relevant Department for that weapon. Department levels can be increased in two ways: within a single run (by acquiring Synaptic Enhancements of the same type) or permanently (by purchasing certain upgrades in a Safe Room).
  • Higher-grade weapons have more Perks. You can view all unlocked weapons and their Perks in the S2P Archives, available from the title screen.


  • All weapons and synaptic enhancements belong to one of four Departments. Each Department has an associated color.
  • Firearms: red
  • Psionics: purple
  • Bionics: green
  • R&D: yellow

Synaptic Enhancements

  • Synaptic Enhancements temporarily enhance an Agent’s abilities. They can be obtained from Nethercubes, located in purple boxes throughout the facility. There are three tiers of Synaptics (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and each one corresponds with a specific Department.
    • Firearm synaptics: affect things like Physical damage, reload rate, and aiming.
    • Psionic synaptics: affect things like Psionic damage, Panic and Mental Break effects, and Special Abilities.
    • Bionic synaptics: affect things like max HP, rolling speed, and other defensive buffs.
    • R&D synaptics: Affect things like enemy drop rates, Tactical Gear, and synergies between team members.
  • Every Synaptic Enhancement acquired grants +1 point in the related Department.
  • When you open a Nethercube, you’ll always have 3 Synaptic Enhancements to choose from. Select the one that best complements your weapons and other abilities. (And if you want more options, upgrade your Agent in a Safe Room, to unlock the ability to reroll synaptics!)
    Building efficient synergies between upgrades, synaptics, weapons, and Agent abilities is crucial to making your mission successful.
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