Blade Prince Academy Beginner’s Guide and Tips

This guide is for players who want to learn the basics of Blade Prince Academy, and have a good start. Strategy games can be overwhelming and wordy, but this guide can help you understand this game faster.

1/ Mastering chain of command for effective chain reactions

In Blade Prince Academy, strategizing the order of actions is key. Plan a sequence of moves where each action sets off the next, creating a domino effect. This approach is especially effective in battles where timing and order of operations can turn the tide in your favour. Experiment with different combinations to find the most effective chain reactions for various scenarios.

2/ Utilizing the environment to your advantage

Pay attention to environmental elements, like barrels in sector 1, that can be used strategically. Triggering these at the right moment can inflict significant damage on enemies. Use abilities like Phoebos Jump to swiftly move out of the area-of-effect of these environmental hazards, ensuring your safety while damaging foes.

3/ Pact picking for character progession

Choosing the appropriate pact for each character dramatically impacts their performance. For a character like O’Ren, opting for a pact that boosts attack speed can be highly beneficial. This enhancement allows him to shoot faster, thereby increasing his damage output over time. It’s essential to evaluate how each pact complements a character’s unique abilities and combat style, especially when considering long-term playthrough strategies. This foresight in pact selection can make a significant difference in both offensive and defensive scenarios.

4/ Understanding and utilizing combos

Early on, experiment with basic combos to understand how different attacks can be combined. Pay close attention to the tooltips of each attack, which provide valuable information on potential combinations and effects. Mastering combos can significantly increase your effectiveness in battles, allowing for more powerful and efficient attacks.

5/ Strategic movement and placement

Positioning is crucial in Blade Prince Academy. Always be mindful of your surroundings to avoid enemy charge attacks and friendly fire. Use movement strategically to maintain a favourable position, both for offensive actions and defensive manoeuvres. Learning to anticipate enemy moves and adjusting your placement accordingly can be a game-changer in tough battles.

Watch this video to see these tips in action!

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