Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero Trophies and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher Inti Creates has released the official Blaster Master Zero trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Blaster Master Zero, players will be collecting 15 trophies consisting of 10 bronze and 5 silver trophies. There are 14 secret trophies in Blaster Master Zero. Check out the full Blaster Master Zero trophies for PS4 below.

Blaster Master Zero Trophies

MEMORIES OF THE METAFIGHT (Secret)See the true ending.Silver Trophy
EVE'S DECEPTION (Secret)See the normal ending.Bronze Trophy
THE FOREST DESTROYERDefeat the boss of Area 1.Bronze Trophy
THE TOXIC VERMIN (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 2.Bronze Trophy
THE UNCONTROLLABLE ENGINE (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 3.Bronze Trophy
THE EARTH-SHATTERING TYRANT (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 4.Bronze Trophy
THE ABYSSAL PREDATOR (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 5.Bronze Trophy
THE FORBIDDEN WEAPON (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 6.Bronze Trophy
THE PLANET EATER (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 7.Bronze Trophy
FULL ACCELERATION BLAST (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 7 with a FULL ACCELERATION BLAST.Silver Trophy
THE ULTIMATE METAFIGHT (Secret)Defeat the boss of Area 8.Bronze Trophy
SOPHIA SUMMON (Secret)Summon SOPHIA-III from a retry point.Bronze Trophy
Mutant Scum Never Learns! (Secret)Obtain every key item.Silver Trophy
DESTROYER (Secret)See the true ending on Destroyer Mode.Silver Trophy
BOSS BLASTER (Secret)Clear Boss Blaster Mode.Silver Trophy

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