Blazing Aries Full Walkthrough Guide

Guide and walkthrough for Blazing Aries

General Tips

– There is an in-game achievement for finishing the game as virgin. However, there is no different between virgin and non-virgin run.

– Always equip new skill and try new combos, late game skills are generally more powerful .

– Bosses in this game have a chance to drop item when defeat if you are lucky.

– You can unlock all CGs when you clear the game and select “Unlock all memories” in new game+

– In Royal Capital, you can travel back to older maps after finish the side quest to find Crystal Orb. This allow you to do activity that you miss like massage or brothel.

1. Yurit Village

After finishing prologue.

– Go to Aldo’s house (right side of top exit)

– Go to workshop (bottom right side)

– Go to Back Mountain ( Village top exit ) Defeat the boss.

– After defeat the boss, go to mayor’s house.

[Side Quest] Search for Aldo :

In Rick’s tree house : follow him to Back Mountain’s boss map. Then come back to general store

Reward : [Acc] Jade Ring

– Talk to both Mayor(2x) and his wife, they will give [W] Guard Stern and Apple Pie Recipe.

– Before depart, recommend to buy [Acc] Paralyze Check and (a lot of) Rice.

– Take the south exit of village.

– Go through a lot of maps until you reach the rest spot.

– Fishing Tutorial

– Boss battle : Group of bandits. After defeat them for the first time, you will have to fight them again the 2nd time they will use paralyze attack.

– After defeat them, continue onward until reaching Kagura Village.

2. Kaguya Village

– You have 1 chance to buy Flare Amulet for 500G from merchant in the middle.

– Talk with everyone in town and the monument.

– Get yelled by Aurica in (leftmost) house.

– Go to the ranch and get milking.

– Back to Aurica house, visit Carm (in top right room 2F)

– Back to ranch

– Find info from adventure at the top of town map

– Buy Paralysis Check if you haven’t already.

– Depart to Zalal Ruin

Zalal Ruin

– There are 4 switches you need to press before you can use the lever.

– Boss : 3 Bandits Rematch

Tips :

Fight the boss on either side of the crate so you only get hit by 1 arrow.

– Back to Aurica’s house and ranch.

– Find a way to enter the house.

– Boss : Dragon looking thing

– Follow them to the lake.

– Boss : Dark Carm : Use [D] button to switch target, destroy 4 pillars.

[Side quest] In search of Treasure – Talk to them man in front of inn

– Go back to boss room in ruin.

Reward : [Acc] Ruby Ring + CG

Depart to port town.

3. Portoria

– Go to pier (topleft of the town)

– Spaghetti Recipe : in hotel kitchen

– Gather info at the beach

Talk to everyone at the beach

Oil massage -> go to hotel to get sample oil massage

[Side Quest] Punish the badger game – guy left side of Adventure guild

– go to pier topright

Reward : [Acc]Sharp Ring

After finish above step, go back to the beach

– Get info by paying 10,000G or BJ (unlock CG)

– Go to Coastal Cave

Coastal Cave

– There will be some submerged area. Need Sea Stone to breath underwater.

[Boss] King Kraken

– After defeat it. Game switch to Yuria. Go to the beach.

– Rex redemption arc.

[Boss] Queen Kraken

– After defeat both kraken, talk to swimsuit renter.

– Change to Bikini in [Menu -> Status]

Talk to hotdog seller at the beach. Get Hamburger recipe.

– Buy ticket and get on the ship

4. Corum

– Ramen recipe : In right resident house (central square)

– Go to Commercial district (Left map) event

– Fight Belk in arena (if win get [W]Durandal but its ok to lose)

– Unlock Inherit and Enchant weapon system

– There are some activities you can do

⠀⠀⠀Observation Area : fishing club – Get reward for different kinds of fish you catch

⠀⠀⠀Arena : Unique 1st time cleared reward and money. Great place to lvl up weapon and character.

⠀⠀⠀Guild Area : Cafe – Payback 300,000G rent.

– Go to guild

– Back to Commercial district -> main gate

– Go to Mt. Hector

– The suspect is at the deepest part of mountain.

[Boss] Dom

– Back to the bar

– Investigate church

– After report back to cafe, accept quest at the guild

– Find the fugitive in abandoned mine

– Some map need cannonball (get em at harvest point) to progress

– There are Stun Check in the mine if you use cannonball. Or you can buy it at the weapon shop.

Boss : 2 Orcs (have bad end defeat if got H-Attacked)

– If you want to play virgin run, Stun Check is recommend. There is no minigame safe if you get H-attacked while stunned.

– Having said that, in my playthough Aries is still virgin even after H-attacked by orc (even the text say Aries lose virginity (bug?))

– After cutscene, investigate church. Find special confession room

– Go to orphanage with Iris

– Chicken bowl recipe in orphanage

– Peep from right side of orphanage to unlock CG

– Back to cafe and rest

[Quest] Kaio’s exam – Kaito(blacksmith) have new quest

– Accept new quest at the guild

– Go to phantom green forest (watch 1st map in this section if you forget where it is)

– In maze area. follow the path with mushroom that doesn’t emit light. do it 6 times and you will reach final area

-“Boss” : Succubus ( have bad? end defeat CG if got fully H-Attacked 2 times)

– After rest, go to the guild then church

– Buy info from Cafe

– [Option] work in brothel and 1. use body or 2. use alcohol

⠀⠀⠀If not use or use cheap alcohol (20,000), Zatch will be mad and force himself on Aries.

⠀⠀⠀If use medium price alcohol (40,000) ,Aries can satisfy him without sex.

⠀⠀⠀If use expensive alcohol (80,000) Aries will also get [Diamond Ring] accessory, which can be sell for 20,000G (or equip).

– Unlock working in brothel.

– Go to the tent guy at the entrance of the forest

– Back to town

– Go to arena

Boss : Craith

– After escape from prison there is pizza recipe in planning room

– Go in cave to rescue Iris.

– Go to second floor of church.

Boss : Dimensional Monster

Boss : Bishop

After defeat the boss, watch the long cutscene and continue the journey.

There are some friends you can talk before you depart :

⠀⠀Central Plaza – Succubus

⠀⠀Observation Area – Craith

⠀⠀Church – Bishop : Get accessory [Unicorn Necklace] if you are still virgin

⠀⠀Arena 2F – Kaito : Get weapon [Weaving Heart]

⠀⠀Orphanage – Iris : just some dialogue, no quest mark

Arena reward :

-Beginner : Valkyrie helm , 3000G

-Intermediate : Secret Tome Healing Point, 10000G

-Advance : Sylphy Cape, 20000G

-Champion : Hot Pot recipe , Megaton Fist , Champion Belt , 100000G

Pay rent reward :

5. Capital Eruncia

– After cutscene and talking with king, go to adventure guild

– Cheesecake recipe from maid in castle kitchen

– Hamburg Steak recipe in resident house northwest of item shop

[Side Quest] Londrina memorie : Find jewel ⠀⠀Jewel is at the summit of Mt.Laguna. Recommend to do it at the same time with slum quest.

⠀⠀Reward : Unlock “simulated” travel to old map.

– Go to theatre in slum

– Unlock working at theatre

– Gretin recipe : Right side of theatre stage

– Find info in slum : you can charge right in or do some quest to weaken enemy first


[Quest] Boy right side of theatre (need high lewdness)follow the boy for 2 maps. he’s in northwest corner of the map

[Quest] Bottom side : Arms Dealer– Follow him to the wetland. (recommend to go back to the king and accept quest Gather Herb before explore further)

– Talk to the king.

– Go to mountain summit and defeat Rubrum Dragon (only spawn after talking with the king)

– Back to arms dealer hut. Then back to armory for [Clear the Armory] quest.

[Quest] Clear the armory– Go to armory and defeat the guard in 15 sec or use sleeping pill (need high lewd + buy sleeping pill from pharmacy in slum)

– Go inside armory to destroy gunpowder. (Remove enemy gun variant)

[Quest] Grandma Pharmacy : Gather herb– Ellis Grass : get from maid in castle kitchen (same maid that give recipe)

– Mortoria Grass : get from wetland, right side of slum

– Rifrea Grass : get from mountain, accessible from wetland


– Talk to Belk to begin the operation (Long fight, can’t resupply until clear so get ready)

– Restart power to the elevator

– Password is 2587

Boss : Bardos – can proceed even if lose , get Accessory [Training weights] if win

– Lore lesson

– Find the king

Boss : Dark Bardos

After battle, go to royal memory vault

– More lore

Boss : Kagura

– There is Mithril armor in shop

– Rematch with Dark Bardos

6. Sultrism Base

Last Dungeon

– At Platform with 8 floating islands

Each colored platforms have 2 stages. if you use one of them, all platform of the same color will also move

If you want to get [W] Twin variant you will need to circling around till yellow and blue platform are in right position

-Platform with 3 floating islands

Just use switch to swap track and ride the platform to get item, turn it back then do the same for next switch

Boss : Crost

– In 2nd phase you will need to use Blaze Art to burn away his barrier or you will deal no damage. He will reactivate his barrier after a while. Finish him with Blaze art.

Final Boss : Disaster Kagura

– Destroy 4 dark pillars to advance

– Dont stand in black flame and magic circle. Move away from crystal and lure her to warp then go back to attack

– 2nd phase boss will hide its hp but no new gimmick.

– Defeat her to clear the game

– Unlock new game plus + time attack mode

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