Blind Drive Achievements Walkthrough Guide

In this guide, I’ll explain how to get all the achievements for Blind Drive.

Story Achievements

You will receive these achievements for simply playing the game.

Blind Driver

Complete the first level without crashing.

Phase II Participant

Take your dedication to science to the next level.

Fugitive from Justice

Escape a police chase.

Shotgun Dodger

Survive a redneck rampage.

Ancient Mariner

Emerge from the deep.

Queen of the Cone

Complete the game.

Gameplay Achievements

Ice Cream Customer

Your very first truck.

Technically missable. Once the guy on the phone tells you to crash into an ice cream truck, or at any point during the game when you hear the jingle, simply do that.

Bicycle Rights Supporter

Collect 5 bicycles in one session.

Bicycles are introduced in Chapter 4. Simply crash into 5 of them without crashing the car to get the achievement.

Pancake Chef

Get 12 pedestrians in a row.

Pedestrians appear in Chapter 21 and in the secret town in Scenic Route. Same deal as with the bikes, only your window to hit them is way smaller. They don’t have to be actually in a row, you can miss some, just hit at least 12 without getting hit yourself to get the achievement.

Chopper Bopper

Take down a helicopter.

The helicopter is in Chapter 26. Dodge the bullets and cars and wait for Grandma to give you the signal. You need to pay attention to where the helicopter is going at all times. Once Grandma says anything, turn all the way to the side where the helicopter is and hold until she fires her rocket launcher. It takes 3 shots for him to go down.

Secret Achievements

8-bit Gamer

It’s all about those coins.

Chapter 10: Getting Through

This can technically be done in any chapter before Chapter 10, but I found Chapter 10 to be a consistent spawn. What you need to do is to be on the lookout, or rather hearout, for a car that has a guy screaming WOOOHOOOO. You need to hit him.

If you do hit him, you’ll go into a cute 8 bit minigame where you hold left or right and get a buttload of points. Once one side stops giving you points, switch to the other side.

Chicken Salad

Just like Grandma used to make.

Chapter 13: Animal Farm

In this chapter, you’ll have to avoid various farm animals. Once you hear a chicken, drive into it and hold to get a lot of points.

Dolphin Smoocher

Get hit by a dolphin.

Chapter 16: With The Fishes

At the start of the chapter (or at any point during the underwater section) you’ll come upon the sound of a dolphin approaching. Donnie will comment that maybe hitting it will help.

Do that.

Scenic Route

Taking in the view.

Chapter 23: Pick This Up

You need to pay attention to the GPS. Once it says “Lets see… turn…”, turn in the opposite direction of what it says. You’ll drive into a small town with pedestrians worth many points.

Fudge Time

Get hit by a Kamikaze Fudge Squad biker.

Chapter 25: Fudge Squad

The very first enemy in this chapter should be a Kamikaze Fudge Squad biker. Simply drive into them and get the achievement.

Scoring/Completion Achievements

Points Club, Silver Member

Get 100 points.

This one should be perfectly doable during your first playthrough. Hit bikes/chickens/ice cream trucks/pedestrians to rack up points.

Points Club, Gold Member

Get 500 points.

This one is a lot tougher, but perfectly doable. Play from the start of the game and try to get 8-bit Gamer, you should then get it by the underwater section.

Points Club, Platinum Member

Get 1,000 points.

Play at least on Normal, preferably Hard. Hit every bicycle/chicken/ice cream truck/pedestrian. Getting 8-bit Gamer and Scenic Route is a must. Good luck.

10k Freewheeler

Drive 10k without crashing.

If you start a new game, you should get this in chapter 8. Play on Easy if you’re struggling.

50k Ace

Drive 50k without crashing.

This one is a lot harder. Points don’t matter here, only driving from the start of the game up to Chapter 22. Definitely recommend playing on Easy. Hitting ice cream trucks might also help. The most difficult moment is the underwater section, because it’s the only time you can die from not crashing into something. Pay attention to where the buoys are.

No-Crash Completionist

Complete the game in one session without crashing.

This one is even harder, but as much as it sounds impossible, this achievement simply requires patience. Retry segments that give you trouble before giving this one a try. Play on Easy. Remember that the game gives you plenty of opportunities to regain hearts (every 20 points, hitting bikes and ice cream trucks), so all you have to do is to stay calm and don’t take unnecessary risks. If you get the achievement, you’ll receive 10k Freewheeler50k AcePoints Club, Silver Member and Points Club, Gold Member, even when playing on Easy (Gold Member might need 8-bit Gamer or Scenic Route, though).

No-Hit Perfectionist

Complete the game in one session without getting hit even once.

Absolutely THE hardest achievement in the game. You cannot get hit by ANYTHING. So no bikes/chickens/pedestrians and no 8-bit Gamer. Ice Cream trucks are apparently allowed. This one requires a ridiculous amount of patience. The one good thing is that the game takes a total of about 40 minutes if you skip dialogues.

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