Bombernauts Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in Bombernauts. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all achievements in the game, then make sure to check the complete guide below.


Bombernauts Achievement Guide


  • In the Garage section of the main menu, there are options to customize your character. The penultimate option is to change your hat. Hats can be obtained in various ways or purchased with hat tokens in the hat shoppe which are earned by playing the games.

You Is Winner

  • Games are first to 5 points. You just need to win one


  • If nobody is left alive at the end of a round then the server earns a point. If the server is able to get to 5 before any other player then it will win. To do this the “winner” of the round needs to self destruct before the win animation is over.

NOTE: This cannot be done alone as the server cannot score points in games with only one player.

Total Destruction

  • To get this achievement the entire map must be destroyed in a game with at least two players. This can be done with just regular bombs, or more efficiently with something like a maximum charged spirit bomb.

NOTE: This cannot be obtained on any level with the indestructible purple blocks.

Bombernauts Space Program

  • You can refer to this video for the detailed guide.

Saturday Sundae

  • Launch the game on a Saturday to be able to play the Saturday Special, as a win.

Follower of the King

  • Play one round and allow the serve king to win. Type “All Hail King Server” into the chat as soon as possible after. Then in the next round, be the last man standing and then kill yourself, just like you would give the server king another point.

The Duckmaster

  • Create a custom match where innertubes are the only available item. Keep picking them up until you get the achievement. It should happen around 6 innertubes.

Brain Slime Missionary

  • The brain slime missionary achievement is obtained by giving another player the brain slime hat. To get the brain slime that you first you need to play a game with someone who is wearing the hat. Ideally, you would be able to find someone who had the hat and not the achievement, but if not then just find anyone who has the achievement already, they will also have the hat. Feel free to leave a comment, or message me. Once you have played a game and gotten the brain slime hat you need to equip it in the garage, and then play a game with someone who has not gotten the hat. The chat will say that you have infected someone with the brain slime and you will get the achievement.

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