Boneraiser Minions – All Playable Classes Overview and Strategy Guide

An overview and strategy guide for each of the game’s playable classes.


Welcome to my guide on the classes you can choose to play as in Boneraiser Minions.

This guide will provide you with the information on each class in the game, their unlockable Meta, and various synergies and strategies you may wish to employ or expand upon during play. This guide is also intended as a reference to be usable during play, since the classes’ meta cannot be viewed during play and it can become easy to lose track of what you should be trying to build for next.

Hopefully this guide helps you to grasp the various class identities better and unlock more of the game for your enjoyment, gain higher scores, or perhaps just have more fun in general.

This guide assumes that you have at least an elementary level of knowledge about how to play the game. If you haven’t played Boneraiser Minions at all yet, don’t worry about this guide for now and go have fun; these goodies will still be here when you’re wanting more.

Last updated on the the 4th of March 2023, current as of game version v29.1.

The Classes in General

At a base level, almost all classes play in a similar manner – avoiding enemies and their attacks, and leveraging your choice over offered boneraises, relics and spells to create a build that fights effectively to protect you and make progress through the game. However, each class features “Meta” found in the Class Heritage section of the Mausoleum’s mirror that can be unlocked with Hero Soul meta, represented by a red flame icon:

These can be collected by picking up Hero Souls during a run – they look mostly the same except they are usually pale blue, and are dropped by Champions that occasionally arrive during human waves, and by the bosses such as Elven Wayfinder and Werewolf Prince. You can collect a maximum of nine Hero Soul Meta per run, but with an upgrade in Boneraise Lore you can stock up to 69, which is pretty nice.

These Meta are essentially each class’s unique abilities and define their unique identity and capability within the game. You have to progress across each class’s grid starting from the center, and fully unlocking a class’s meta usually takes around 14 Hero Soul Meta at most, with one exception that will be covered later.

Once purchased, Meta can be toggled on and off – so if you don’t like a particular class ability, you can always just switch it back off again.

If you are starting out completely new to the game or have otherwise simply started again or wiped your save file, you will only have access to Deprived Wretch, the starter class. The method of how to unlock each class will be covered in each of their respective sections.

Deprived Wretch

“Thou art a miserable miscreant of peasantry lineage, but thy cowardly soul has a knack for swiping unwarranted treasures.”


Gold Scavenger
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall gain +1 gold coin each second survived (max 250).

Sleight of Hands
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall rise able to re-roll up to three offered relics.

Cowardly Rush
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: When hurt thou gain a temporary boost to running speed.

Re-birthday Gift
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall rise anew clutching a random treasured relic, but only if it is a relic thou have already discovered.

Boner Gang
Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Sleight of Hands
Description: Thou rises anew with the company of two extra Barrow Boners.

Chestious Treasury
Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Re-birthday Gift
Description: Treasure chests may contain spell scrolls and relics.

Excavator Squad
Prerequisite Meta: Fettler’s Eye or Boner Gang
Description: Barrow Boners may instead spawn as Barrow Diggers.

Fettler’s Eye
Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Excavator Squad
Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when offered a relic item.

Treasured Archeology
Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Cowardly Rush
Description: Thy Barrow Digger and Behemoth Excavator minions may find mucky Spell Scrolls and Relics when digging.

Pirate Maps
Prerequisite Meta: Re-birthday Gift or Cowardly Rush
Description: Extra treasure chests shall occasionally be unearthed.

Pincher’s Feet
Prerequisite Meta: Cowardly Rush or Lockpicker Fingerer
Description: Thou gain a permanent boost to thy running speed.

Lockpicker Fingerer
Prerequisite Meta: Pincher’s Feet or Pirate Maps
Description: Thou can unlock treasure chests at breakneck speed.

Unlock Method

Deprived Wretch is available from the beginning of a new file, and does not need to be unlocked.


The majority of Deprived Wretch’s meta set revolves around getting more spells and relics and having more ways to obtain them – while this makes them less powerful than other classes right out of the gate, with some good choices and lucky relic offers Deprived Wretch can scale up in power very quickly.

In terms of survival meta, Cowardly Rush will afford you a bit more leeway to maneuver around threats, and Pincher’s Feet will enable you to get out of being trapped and repeatedly hit as long as you know what you’re doing.

Treasure chest related metas Pirate Maps and Lockpicker Fingerer allow you to obtain chests faster, and Chestious Treasury helps you to get more out of them than other classes would – these are the bread and butter of your power scaling as Wretch.

Wretch has consistent access to more re-rolls through Sleight of Hands starting you with a few more, and Fettler’s Eye giving you an extra re-roll every time you boneraise – considering you go through quite a lot of boneraises every run, this adds up quickly and allows you to optimize your relic choices a bit more.

As an added bonus, Gold Scavenger and treasure chest related metas will enable you to gather gold coins much more quickly, allowing you to unlock things in the hub much more quickly and affording you more opportunities to construct archetech on your maps.

Joker Jester

Level 3 Joker Jesters are able to potentially upgrade treasure chests, allowing you to get more out of your increased chest yield. Beware however as they can and will occasionally downgrade chests, and transform enemies into more powerful forms – but if you can survive and tolerate this mischief, you can potentially gain a lot more scaling, especially in the early game.

Behemoth Excavator

You can raise a Behemoth Excavator by fusing a Behemoth Barrower (made by fusing three Barrow Boners) and a Barrow Digger (made by fusing two barrow boners, so you will need five in total). Excavators will dig up bones, gems, and occasionally treasure chests – as an added bonus, your Excavator Squad meta will improve their yield by allowing them to unearth relics and spell scrolls too.

Bonechemist Slab

Since you get more treasure chests and you will likely be employing Barrow Diggers, adding bone value to gems will give you many more boneraises during a given run. In addition to more power, with your meta this also means more relic re-rolls. Stacks three times.

Magnifying Glass

Improving the yield of treasure chests will stack with your Chestious Treasury meta, and more relics always means more power. With a full three stacks, you get a 66% chance of a relic/scroll in chests – stacking this with your meta will make the majority of chests will give you a power jump.

Broken Bones

With all three stacks, boneraises have a 75% chance of giving you a free barrow boner. This means more Diggers and Excavator, scaling your power up much more quickly.

Mimic Teeth

With the full two stacks, nearly every regular (gold trim) treasure chest will be a mimic – mimics aren’t very threatening at all, and improving your treasure yield goes along with your meta perfectly.

Liche Necromancer

“Thou subsists as a decrepit skeletal husk woven in undeath. The very bones of weak-willed dead rattle at thy approach.”


Companion Chum
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou rises anew with an extra random minion friendo. However thy Max Health is reduced by -10.
Notes: Exists twice on the grid (directly above and below center, both with no prerequisites), and stacks to a total of two extra starting minions and a penalty of -20 Max Health.

Crowd Cheerleader
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each level 1 skelly minion increases all thy legion’s damage.

Minion Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each and every legion minion increases thy Max Health. Note smelly little Barrow Boners don’t count!

Bone Rattler
Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Top Row) or Crowd Cheerleader
Description: Thy bone suckage abilities shall becometh truly jaw-breaking.

Divergent Force
Prerequisite Meta: Bone Enticement or Crowd Cheerleader
Description: Each different minion in thy legion increases all attack speeds. Note merely leveling up a skelly minion won’t count!

Bone Enticement
Prerequisite Meta: Bone Rattler or Divergent Force
Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion all unsucked bones shall most surely be sucked right to thee.

Barrow Boneraise
Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Top Row) or Minion Invigoration
Description: Barrow Boners have a chance of spawning as a skelly minion.

Bone Seer
Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Bottom Row) or Minion Invigoration
Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when choosing minions.

Minionous Mortis
Prerequisite Meta: Minion Invigoration or Bone Salvager
Description: Upon thy seeming demise, a random skelly minion shall be drained of its life force, thus revitalising thy health.

Bone Salvager
Prerequisite Meta: Bone Seer or Minionous Mortis
Description: Thou shall rise able to re-roll six times when choosing minions.

Unlock Method

During play, boneraising 11 skelly minions will unlock Liche Necromancer.
This means choosing green skeleton minions and not bro minions, upgrades, or fusions.


Liche Necromancer is all about amassing as large a force as possible – the local “big numbers of low quality minions” user. Since boneraises are the bread and butter of any run, Liche tends to scale up very quickly in power.

Crowd Cheerleader is your key meta, increasing the damage of your whole legion for every unupgraded skelly minion (green) you have. If you want more damage, just keep raising a ton of little green fellows and you’re good – however, Divergent Force will increase their attack speed for each different kind of minion you have, so it’s not a good idea to neglect meldus, giant, barrow, bro and diablos minions altogether. It is also very much worth upgrading support minions such as Augurs, Witches, Tanglers and so forth as they do not benefit from Crowd Cheerleader, and their upgraded abilities will assist your legion’s damage output far, far better than their level 1 forms.

With all meta active, you will have -20 to your Max Health, starting you out at 80. However, your Minion Invigoration meta increases your Max Health for every minion you have, so you should scale out of this disadvantage fairly quickly – just ensure that you’re a little more careful in the early game and you should be good to go. In addition, Minionous Mortis sacrifices a skelly minion any time you die, so any fatal mistakes you make will effectively be cancelled at a cost – this perk tends to do relatively little but prolong the inevitable if you get completely surrounded and overwhelmed however, so don’t rely on it as a shield.

For utility, Bone Rattler and Bone Enticement will make it safer for you to obtain pickups without venturing too far from your minions, and Companion Chum and Bone Salvager will give you a strong start so you can get your legion into shape quickly right from the word go.

It should be noted that Barrow Boneraise does not work with the Barrowen Caress spell, so don’t dive into a crowd to try and get a horde of skellies all at once. It’s a passive meta that just sort of throws you a bone every so often, so don’t worry about it too much.

Meldum Serum

The serum gives you a one-time ability to raise a meldus minion by sacrificing only one minion – the serum itself is sacrificed in place of the second minion, effectively halving the cost of meldus minions. This will enable you to get more out of Divergent Force while not dropping Crowd Cheerleader’s power too much.

Penitence Pin

You take damage and get a level one skelly minion in return. Obviously very advantageous for building up your numbers, just make sure you’re not on low health when you take it!

Deboning Cutlery

With the full three stacks, each boneraise will give you a 12% chance of getting an extra random minion for free. Ties into Crowd Cheerleader quite nicely and great for padding out your numbers.

Vampire Survivor

“Thou are the last of thy bloodline, cursed by caress of vampirism. Peasantry stalk the woods, and their blood shall line thy lips.”


Blood Thirst
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Touching enemies sucks them giving thee bones.

Regenerative Soil
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou regains health when standing still (and not sucking enemies).

Bat Party
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Bats emerge to celebrate when boneraising a fresh skelly minion.

Blood Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy running speed is boosted when near Max Health, but thy running speed is also reduced when low health.

Marrow Succor
Prerequisite Meta: Blood Thirst or Regenerative Soil
Description: Sucking enemies increases thy Max Health.

Bat Chums
Prerequisite Meta: Regenerative Soil or Bat Party
Description: When thou are hurt, vampiric bat maties shall emerge to defend thee.

Blood Constitution
Prerequisite Meta: Marrow Might, Regenerative Soil or Raise Batspellious
Description: Damage thou suffer is reduced when near Max Health.

Marrow Might
Prerequisite Meta: Marrow Succor or Blood Constitution
Description: Increasing Max Health also boosts suckage damage.

Raise Batspellious
Prerequisite Meta: Blood Constitution or Bat Chums
Description: Raising or upgrading a Batty minion shall gift a Batty Swarm spell.

Batty Friendship
Prerequisite Meta: Blood Thirst or Blood Invigoration
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a Bellow Batty minion, and increases the chance of being offered Batty boneraises.

Bat Madness
Prerequisite Meta: Blood Invigoration or Bat Party
Description: Thou gain +50% extra mausoleum bats whenever they shall emerge.

Sinfulus Batty
Prerequisite Meta: Batty Friendship or Batty Brew
Description: Thou can summon a Bellow Batty deamon without a Hero Soul pickup.

Batty Brew
Prerequisite Meta: Blood Invigoration or Sinfulus Batty
Description: Thy Bellow Batty minions shall shriekily attack +50% faster. And yes their deamonically possessed forms benefit too!

Unlock Method

During play, taking 666 or more cumulative damage will unlock Vampire Survivor.
Healing and regeneration do not affect the count in any way.


Vampire Survivor’s chief trait is right there in the name – this class is very good at general survival purposes, featuring a potentially huge health pool, easily obtained high speeds, and a degree of terrain control.

Blood Thirst is your key perk, granting you a contact damage melee attack that gives bones, increases your Max Health with Marrow Succor, and dealing greater damage as your Max Health grows with Marrow Might. You will still take damage during contact with enemies, so you must be careful to not let your health drop too low while growing out your maximum – this meta set shines during the early game and waves of weak enemies, but as you go further into the game you will want to take great care to avoid contact with high damage enemies such as Ogres and Custodians, as they will drain your health far too fast to be worth biting.

Blood Invigoration gives you much greater agility, which seems to also grow in potency as your Max Health expands. The downside is that your speed is greatly decreased if you’re at low health, which is why you again take care to not let your health get too low when biting foes, else you find your run abruptly at an end. Blood Constitution also favors being at high health when biting in order to reduce the damage too – when you back off, Regenerative Soil can bring you back up to condition again quickly.

Your meta set also gives you an affinity for bats – both the Bellow Batty minion and the Batty Swarm spell. Bellow Batties push foes away, and their level 3 and demonic forms will drain health from enemies with their attack and heal you with it, further tying into the survival aspect of Vampire. Batty Brew causes this attack to occur faster, giving you more health overall, and Sinfulus Batty means you can create demon bats without needing a hero soul, giving you an incentive to raise bats whenever you can – just beware that bat damage tends to be on the low side, so you will need to supplement them with other minions.

The Batty Swarm spell causes a swarm of bats to fly down the central third of the map vertically, causing damage to any enemy they touch – Vampire has a particular affinity for this spell, being able to obtain a scroll of it with any bat raise or upgrade with Raise Batspellious, and Bat Madness lends extra potency to casts. Using your advanced speed, try to maneuver tough enemies into the column of bats to soften them up a bit.

Bellow Batty

Very synergistic with your meta set. Note that bats do not cause any damage until upgraded to level 2, and even then their damage remains on the low side, so don’t try to get by on just bats alone.

Creep Tangler

Your advanced speed as Vampire in combination with the slowing from tanglers will allow you a lot more leeway in outmaneuvering enemies until you start to encounter the extremely fast foes later loops throw at you.

Bernard’s Watch

After making a choice, Bernard’s Watch gives you temporary invincibility – this can be used to bite opponents to your heart’s content at no risk in order to expand your health pool even further. Just make sure to get out of there before it wears off.

Deamon Hole

If you are focused on expanding your health pool through biting, do not take this relic. It will kill enemies in contact range much faster, making you get less out of biting them.

Ward Amulet

This will put you at a lot less risk when biting enemies due to decreasing their contact damage. Stacks well with Blood Constitution when near full health.

Sorcery Wand

This will further increase the potency of the Batty Swarm spells you will be gifted from time to time across your run, turning the central vertical third of the map into a meat grinder for enemies.

Sinned Deamologist

“A follower of blaspheme rituals and occult incantations. Thou have made a forbidden soul pact with the Hellion realm itself.”


Deamonic Hooves
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each deamon summoned increases thy running speed.

Sinful Spellious
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: If thou are hurt or summon a Deamon/Diablos then a temporary Sinful Incitements spell shall be cast.
Notes: Sinful Incitements temporarily raises the attack speed of your demonic minions.

Deamonic Sinew
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each deamon minion summoned increases thy Max Health.

Markings of Sin
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can summon Deamons even if without a Hero Soul pickup.

Fleshen Masochistism
Prerequisite Meta: Deamonic Hooves or Sinful Spellious
Description: During play thy Max Health can never be reduced. For example the Blood Pact relic has no negative effect.

Sinful Aura
Prerequisite Meta: Sinful Spellious or Deamonic Sinew
Description: Thou shall start with the Deamon Hole relic. Each Deamon/Diablos minion summoned boosts the relic’s aura size.
Notes: Deamon Hole creates an aura around the player that causes continuous damage to any enemy within it.

Sinous Storm
Prerequisite Meta: Sinful Spellious or Possession Intrusion (Both directly above and below)
Description: Summoning a Deamon/Diablos minion invokes a lightning sin storm.
Notes: Tier 3 of the Deamonic Ritual Boneraise Lore also has this effect. The two stack together to create quite a light show.

Possession Intrusion
Prerequisite Meta:

  • Fleshen Masochistism or Sinous Storm for Top Left
  • Sinous Storm or Sinful Aura for Bottom Left
  • Repentant Soul or Markings of Depravity for Top Right

Description: Thou can summon +1 extra Deamon beyond its usual limit. However thy Max Health is reduced by -10.
Notes: Exists three times on the grid in the aforementioned corners, and stacks to a total of +3 to your demon cap (for a total of 6 demons) and a penalty of -30 Max Health.

Repentant Soul
Prerequisite Meta: Deamonic Hooves or Markings of Sin
Description: Thou receive +1 Hero Soul meta upon thy death. But only if thou have collected a Hero Soul that run.

Markings of Depravity
Prerequisite Meta: Markings of Sin or Possession Intrusion (Top Right)
Description: Thou can summon Diablos Deamonous without a Hero Soul pickup.

Diablos Whisperings
Prerequisite Meta: Markings of Depravity
Description: Diablos Minions only count as a Deamon for minion cap purposes. However thy Max Health is reduced by -20.

Unlock Method

Boneraising a demonic minion will unlock Sinned Deamologist.
This requires at least Tier 1 of the Deamonic Ritual Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, otherwise you will not be offered any demons and thus cannot meet the requirements.

To get a demonic minion, upgrade a skelly minion to level three (it will appear bright purple at level three), and then collect a Hero Soul from a champion enemy or a boss. You will most likely be offered a demonic upgrade that looks like a bright red version of the minion you’re upgrading – taking this choice will qualify for the unlock.

This can also be done on certain classes with a regular boneraise without needing to collect a Hero Soul, but the requirements will be a little more stringent in those cases. The following classes can take a demonic upgrade with specific minions without needing a Hero Soul:

  • Vampire Survivor – Level 3 Bellow Batty
  • Sorcerer Hollow – Level 3 Magick Doppelganger
  • Gangly Grafted – Any Giant Minion

It is strongly recommended you fully unlock and activate the Deamonic Ritual and Diablos Incantation metas in your Boneraise Lore before playing as Deamologist, otherwise you will severely hamstring this class’s potential.

SInned Deamologist has a full focus on demon and diablos minions, as you might expect. Only a single meta in their entire set has nothing to do with demons, and it still sort of mostly ties into demons anyway through relic choices. Key metas are the ability to double your demon cap via Possession Intrusion, and Markings of Sin/Depravity removing the requirement to collect souls to summon your demons, giving you much faster access to power than other classes since all you’ll need is a level 3 skelly minion or a giant minion.

While powerful, Deamologist’s meta set doesn’t really have anything else to it, so getting your six or seven demons up as fast as possible should be your absolute priority – once you do, it’s just regular scaling and gameplay from there.

With all meta active you will take -50 to your Max Health, starting you off at 50 Max Health. Deamonic Sinew will increase your max with every demonic summoning, so it will take a little while to scale out of this fragility, but once you get rolling the extra health will more than make up for it. In addition Deamonic Hooves lends you a bit of speed for every demon you have active, allowing you to stay away from threats. Sinful Spellious also makes it so that harm briefly causes your demons and diablos to move and attack much more quickly for a brief moment, allowing them to catch up if you’ve gotten separated from them.

Demon Minions vs Diablos Minions

In addition to their usual considerable strength, due to your meta having these minions active will grant you an increase in running speed, max health, and Deamon Hole aura size. Both demons and diablos count towards these meta, and you do not need hero souls to summon either – plus, your cap is greatly increased up to 6 (from the usual 3), and can be boosted to 7 safely due to there being no downside to the Sinicious Ritual relic on this class. You do still need to sacrifice two demons to get a diablos however, so expect a temporary drop in power.

Demon minions can be absolutely fantastic support units such as demon tangler, demon witch and demon augur, and demon attackers are pretty good too. Diablos minions on the other hand are only good for sheer offensive power – keep in mind that there is no obligation to upgrade demons into diablos, especially if you’re enjoying your current setup. One method could be to summon demons you wouldn’t mind sacrificed first to get as many diablos as you want online, and then use banish scrolls to eliminate the choices from your boneraises so you can only get demons from then on.

Deamon Hole

You start with one of these, and taking two more will expand the aura size and the damage it inflicts.

Blood Pact

Fleshen Masochistism removes the downside of taking this relic, essentially giving you three relics for free if chosen. Remember that if you don’t like the other three on offer, you could always seal it and reroll to try again the next time you get a relic.

Sinicious Ritual

Again, Fleshen Masochistism ensures your Max Health will not be halved from taking this, boosting your demon cap up to a total of 7. Always take this if offered it on Deamologist.

Deamonic Sigil

The third and last relic with its disadvantage completely nullified by Fleshen Masochistism. Stacks to a total of 5, granting +25% attack speed to all demons and diablos.

Sorcerer Hollow

“Thy physical form is no more, but thy ensorcellment form remains, sustained by teachings of the unnatural magics of the Undying Ones.”


Spectral Bindings
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: All Spell Scrolls thou casts shall have greater potency power. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -10.

Ensorcellous Memories
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou are able to hold an extra +2 reserve Spell Scrolls.
Notes: Exists twice on the grid (directly to the right and left of center, both with no prerequisites), and stacks to a total of +4 extra scroll capacity (for a starting capacity of 7 scrolls).

Entrailium Enchantmentus
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each fresh skelly boneraise gives thee a random spell scroll, but only if it is a spell scroll thou have already discovered.

Spellum Invigoratum
Prerequisite Meta: Spectral Bindings or Ensorcellous Memories (Left)
Description: Each extra spell scroll thou hold regenerates thy health. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -10.

Occulto Bookwormious
Prerequisite Meta: Ensorcellous Memories (Left) or Entrailium Enchantmentus
Description: Thou shall rise anew clutching three random spell scrolls, but only if they are spells thou have already discovered.

Incantor Practitioner
Prerequisite Meta: Chestious Spellious, Ensorcellous Memories (Left), or Sinfulus Teachmoria
Description: Increases thy spell casting and super spell charge speeds.

Chestious Spellious
Prerequisite Meta: Spellum Invigoratum or Incantor Practitioner
Description: Treasure chests may always also contain a spell scroll. The fewer spell scrolls thee holds, the greater the chance.

Sinfulus Teachmoria
Prerequisite Meta: Incantor Practitioner or Occulto Bookwormis
Description: Thou can summon a Doppelganger deamon without a Hero Soul pickup.

Spellum Speediatum
Prerequisite Meta: Spectral Bindings or Ensorcellous Memories (Right)
Description: Each extra spell scroll thou holds increases thy running speed. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -10.

Doppleso Apprenticesio
Prerequisite Meta: Ensorcelous Memories (Right) or Entrailium Enchantmentus
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a Magick Doppelgnger minion, and increases the chance of being offered Doppelganger boneraises.

Wizardous Treachery
Prerequisite Meta: Wraithen Husk, Ensorcellous Memories (Right), or Magusus Teachmoria
Description: Extra wizards shall arrive to blast their magical loads.

Wraithen Husk
Prerequisite Meta: Spellum Speediatum or Wizardous Treachery
Description: Each extra spell scroll thou holds reduces damage thou suffers. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -20.

Magusus Teachmoria
Prerequisite Meta: Wizardous Treachery or Doppleso Apprenticesio
Description: Increases the chances of being offered a Mad Magus minion, who can be bonemelded from a single level 3 Weirdo Warlock.
Notes: Being offered a Mad Magus requires Tier 2 of the Meldus Rituals Boneraise Lore to be unlocked.

Unlock Method

Casting 6 spells will unlock Sorcerer Hollow.
This requires the Majikoumal Parchment Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, otherwise you can’t cast spells at all and thus cannot reach the requirements.

Unlocking the second level of the same Boneraise Lore will allow you to hold three scrolls, though if you are going for this unlock then it is likely best to cast spells as soon as you obtain them to hit the requirement faster.


Sorcerer Hollow is the spellcaster of this particular game, having greater access to spells and more power when casting them. Your key metas are Spectral Bindings and Ensorcellous Memories, boosting your spell carrying capacity from a measly three up to a whopping seven, and potentially nine with relics, and making it so that your spells will have a much greater effect.

Sorcerer’s overall playstyle is somewhat of a balancing act – holding on to a stock of spell scrolls increases your survivability, but you don’t want to simply hold onto them and do nothing with them, as a large part of your power comes from the increased power your spells will have. Entrailium EnchantmentusOcculto BookwormiousChestious Spellious and Wizardous Treachery all increase the amount of spells you will be finding (and spells are not exactly rare to begin with), so you should be casting whenever you’re near full in order to ensure spells aren’t wasted from dropping off the bottom of your list.

With all meta active you will take -50 to your Max Health, starting you off at 50 Max Health. Unlike other classes with health-reducing meta however, you have no meta that directly influences your Max Health scaling, effectively making Sorcerer the most fragile class in the game. Spellum InvigoratumSpellum Speediatum and Wraithen Husk will lend you some survivability based upon how many spells you are currently holding on to, so until you can get some survival relics up you should exercise more caution than usual and keep hold of spells you find for a while until your stock is full.

Sorcerer does benefit significantly from certain Archetech to the point where I would recommend not going without them – a Lexicanium Archive at the very least is near vital so that you can shuffle through the spells you’re holding on to in order to cast what you want to cast without burning through scroll stock and decreasing your survivability. Less vital but still nice is a Sorcery Stone to further increase your spell cast power to get more out of your casts, and two Book Shelfs so if you want to hang on to some spells for later you can stash them away.

Magick Doppelganger

Your meta starts you off with one, you get offered them more often, and you can summon demonic versions without needing a hero soul. Doppelgangers can have undesirable effects on occasion due to their spontaneous spellcasts, so be prepared to tolerate some mischief if you lean into summoning more of them. It should be noted that Doppelganger spells are significantly weaker than your own – even a demon doppelganger can only cast spells at the same level the other classes cast them at.

Weirdo Warlock and Mad Magus

Your meta allows you to create Mad Magi from single level 3 warlocks instead of requiring two minions, essentially being a free upgrade. Their styles of attack are somewhat different, but you can always summon more warlocks fairly easily if you want a mix of both.

Enboned Heart, Soul Taint and Occult Potion

Given Sorcerer’s fragility, these relics are a must to build survivability, particularly Enboned Heart.

Occult Pearl

Since you are going to generally be using more magic minions, these will add survivability via healing.

Meldum Serum

Synergizes with your Magus Teachmoria meta, allowing you to summon a Mad Magus for the cost of just the serum by itself and nothing else. You may still need to meet the requirements for summoning one to be offered one, however.

Sorcery Wand and Magical Bum Bag

Wands make your spells even more powerful, and the Bum Bag can stack twice to give you two more spell slots, giving you more out of your survival metas.

Spirit Whispers

If you don’t build any Soul Receptacle archetech, these will cause hero souls to gift you more spell scrolls – while having extra help in this regard is overkill on Sorcerer, it’s still extra help.

Gangly Grafted

“Thy bones are lankily engorged via the repugnant art of bonegraft, enlarging thy form and minions to terrifying statures of undeath.”


Behemoth Friendship
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a Behemoth Barrower.

Bulging Biceps
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy formidable form boosts thy starting health by +100.

Divergent Titans
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each different Giant minion boosts thy legion’s attack speeds.

Giantraiser Minions
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Boosts the chance of being offered Giants when boneraising.

Big Bone Banquet
Prerequisite Meta: Behemoth Friendship or Bulging Biceps
Description: Meanies may drop huge bones instead of their usual size. The more giant minions thou have, the greater the chance.

Gargantua Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: Bulging Biceps or Divergent Titans
Description: Each and every Giant minion boosts thy Max Health by +25. While a Giantous Deamonous boosts thy Max Health by +50.

The Juggernaut
Prerequisite Meta: Giantous Girth (Top Left/Bottom Left) or Bulging Biceps
Description: Dashing through enemies hurts them, especially when super dashing. Increasing thy Max Health shall also boost the damage inflicted.

Giantous Girth
Prerequisite Meta:

  • Big Bone Banquet or The Juggernaut (Top Left)
  • The Juggernaut or Gargantua Invigoration (Bottom Left)
  • Bonewrap Singleton or Sinfulus Enboned (Top Right)
  • Sinfulus Enboned or Gargantua Quickening (Bottom Left)

Description: Thou can summon +3 extra Giants beyond the usual limit.
Notes: Exists four times on the grid (in each corner) and stacks to a total of +12 to your giant cap (for a total capacity of 18 giants).

Bonewrap Singleton
Prerequisite Meta: Behemoth Friendship or Giantraiser Minions
Description: Single level 3 skelly minions can becometh enboned giants.

Gargantua Quickening
Prerequisite Meta: Giantraiser Minions or Divergent Titans
Description: Each and every Giant minion boosts thy running speed.

Sinfulus Enboned
Prerequisite Meta: Giantous Girth (Top Right), Giantraiser Minions, or Giantous Girth (Bottom Right)
Description: Thou can summon Giantous Deamonous without a Hero Soul pickup.

Unlock Method

Having 3 Giant minions active at the same time in a single run will unlock Gangly Grafted.
This requires at least Tier 1 of the Enboned Giant Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, otherwise you will never be offered Giant boneraises and thus cannot meet the requirements at all.

Giants can be boneraised by fusing two skelly minions of any level (green, grey or purple) or fusing four Barrow Boners together, though they won’t always be offered so keep trying until you get offered one. Upgrading giants from one giant form to another will not increase the number.

Giants can be turned into demonic giants with a hero soul (or without one if you have the Sinfulus Enboned meta active) – they can be upgraded further into diablos minions from there with another hero soul, but beware if you are trying to unlock this class, as turning a giant into a diablos makes it stop counting as a giant, and you’ll have to boneraise more giants to hit your requirement.


Gangly Grafted has a large focus on giant minions, both increasing their power and having your own power increased by having giants active. Grafted is also very good at general survival, featuring a much larger starting health pool that grows even larger with each giant raised.

With your meta, your starting giant cap is 18 (up from 6), and relics can expand this to a maximum of 22. Giant boneraise paths tend to consist first of actually summoning the giant from a minion sacrifice (only requiring one level 3 skelly minion on this class due to Bonewrap Singleton), and then upgrading the giant to a more powerful form – my recommendation is that you first focus on summoning the basic giants until you have filled out your cap, and then begin upgrading them, as this is the quickest way to scale your power to its full potential.

Also remember that Divergent Titans requires different giants to be present to bolster your legion, so if you manage to get to fully upgrading your legion then make sure to leave one of each basic form.
For reference, Giants include the following minions, so try to have at least one of each:

  • Behemoth Barrower
  • Behemoth Excavator
  • Giant Fister
  • Giant Archer
  • Giant Mage
  • Giantan Knight
  • Giantan Cannoneer
  • Giantan Summoner
  • Deamonic Giantous


Giant Minions

Each giant you raise increases your bone yield, max health and running speed, while having a variety of different giants increases the attack speed of your legion. The raise cost of your giants is also lowered, only requiring a single level 3 skelly, rather than a level 3 skelly and another skelly besides that.

Eggy Bro

It’s a gamble, but Eggy Bros can potentially hatch into level 3 skelly minions, giving you an immediate sacrifice to make a giant for the price of one boneraise rather than three.

Colossal Tooth

Stacks up to four, increasing the odds of being offered giants to a near-certainty, and pushing your giant minion cap up to 22 with your meta.

Manky Fingerer

Works in tandem with The Juggernaut meta, turning your dash into a deadly weapon against any foe vulnerable to death curses.

Blood Pact and Deamonic Sigil

Grafted’s huge health pool mitigates the risk of taking these relics, as the loss in max health will soon be made up for by raising more giants. This also applies to Blooden Emerald, though this is rarely a worthwhile relic to take. Sinicious Ritual on the other hand is potentially a good pick if gotten early, but avoid it in late game as halving your health pool is a considerable loss.

Meldum Afflicted

“Thou foolish sod has becometh corrupted by meldusmidious blasphemy. What meldus monstrosities shall it wrack upon thy malformed body?”


Meldsum Injections
Prerequisite Meta: None

  • None (Top Center)
  • Fusemeld Singleton or Meldusmania Marrow (Center Left)
  • Meldusraiser Minions or Bequeathed Meldpanion (Bottom Right)

Description: Thou can raise +3 extra Meldus minions beyond the usual limit.
Notes: Exists three times on the grid (in each corner) and stacks to a total of +9 to your meldus cap (for a total capacity of 12 meldus minions).

Fusemeld Singleton
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Single level 3 skelly minions can becometh Meldus minions.

Bequeathed Melduspanion
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a random Meldus minion. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -33.

Meldusraiser Minions
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Increases chance of being offered Meldus minions when boneraising.

Meldantua Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: Meldsum Injections (Top Center) or Fusemeld Singleton
Description: Each Meldus minion raised randomly increases thy Max Health. However thy Max Health shall be reduced by -33.

Bloodum Meldous
Prerequisite Meta: Fusemeld Singleton or Bequeathed Meldpanion
Description: When hurt thou excretes a stream of acidic blobules.

Meldusmania Marrow
Prerequisite Meta: Meldsum Injections (Center Left) or Bloodum Meldous
Description: Getting hurt shall randomise thy legion’s Meldus minions. However thy Max Health shall be increased by +99.

Meldantua Quickening
Prerequisite Meta: Meldsum Injections (Top Center) or Meldusraiser Minions
Description: Each Meldus minion raised randomly increases thy running speed. However thy starting running speed is reduced.

Megas Mania
Prerequisite Meta: Meldantua Quickening or Meldsum Aura
Description: Thou can boneraise up to 3 Megas Meldsumossous. However, thou cannot summon a Diablos minion.

Meldsum Aura
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall start with the Meldus Spores relic. Boosting thy Max Health also boosts the relic’s aura size.
Notes: Meldus Spores creates an aura around the player that inflicts enemies with a condition that causes them to explode into short ranged projectiles when killed under its effect.

Meldisoom Secretions
Prerequisite Meta: Meldsum Aura or Meldsum Injections (Bottom Right)
Description: Getting hurt shall form fresh new random Meldus minions. However each time thy Max Health is randomly reduced.

Unlock Method

Boneraising a Mighty Meldus minion will unlock Meldum Afflicted.
This requires at least Tier 2 of the Meldus Rituals Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, or you will never be offered a Mighty Meldus and thus cannot meet the requirements.

To boneraise a Mighty Meldus, you first need to create two Meldus minions – these require at least one Level 3 (purple) skelly minion and another skelly minion of any level. (Barrowers, Bros, Giants and Demons cannot be used to create Meldus minions.) You should eventually be offered a blue minion that fuses them both into one – this is a regular Meldus minion.

Once you have two of any kind of Meldus minion, you will eventually be offered to fuse them both together into either Mighty Mucusious, Mighty Mousseum, or Mighty Manipulator. Choosing one of these boneraises will meet the requirement for the unlock.


Meldum Afflicted’s main focus is around the blue Meldus minions, making them more available, cheaper to summon, and giving you health and run speed scaling based on how many you presently have active. Besides this, Afflicted features several meta which feature randomized elements, making this something of an oddball class mechanically.

With Meldsum Injections, your cap for meldus minions is boosted to 12 (up from 3), and the Meldus Flame relic can boost that further up to a maximum of 16. Meldantua Invigoration and Meldantua Quickening are your scaling meta increasing your health and speed for each active meldus, and since you can make meldus minions from a single level 3 skelly, your priority should be getting your meldus cap hit as fast as possible to increase your survivability.

Meldisoom Secretions sounds powerful, but only seems to go off on a fairly low chance, so I advise against trying to game it. Meldusmania Marrow can completely scramble any plans you had with regards to regular and mighty meldus minions, but not taking it will leave you at a starting health of 33, the lowest of any class in the game.

Meldum Serum

Since Afflicted can raise a meldus minion from just a single level 3 skelly, Meldum Serum effectively allows you to raise one free (apart from the cost of the serum itself) meldus minion so long as you meet the requirement.

Meldus Flame

Stacks up to four, pushing your meldus cap up to a maximum of 16, and makes meldus minions far more likely to appear when boneraising when you meet the requirements.

Cyclop Exile

“For thy creepy necromantic ways thou are tribal excommunicated. But with thy single occular determination, revenge shall be thine.”

Innate Class Effects

Cyclop Exile is only ever offered one choice in boneraises, relics and spells, and cannot use seals at all. Rerolls and banishes still work as usual.

This effect cannot be deactivated or removed in any way.


Eye-popper Divination (Top Center)
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each raised Eye-popper Archer gifts thee +5 Re-rolls, while raising a Giantous Archer gifts thee +10 Re-rolls.

Eye-popper Allies
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths an Eye-popper Archer minion, and boosts chance of being offered Eye-popper Archer boneraises.

Mono Giantous
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Boosts chance of being offered Giant Archer/Cannoneer boneraises. Each Giant Archer/Cannoneer also reduces the damage thou suffer.

Meat Wallop
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall start with the Meaty Club relic. Increasing thy Max Health boosts the Club’s damage.
Notes: Meaty Club periodically performs a melee attack horizontally infront of the player in whichever direction they are facing.

Sinned Divination
Prerequisite Meta: Eye-popper Divination or Eye-popper Allies
Description: Each raised Deamon Eye-popper gifts thee +10 Re-rolls, while raising a Morgzoloth Diablos gifts thee +25 Re-rolls.

Morgzoloth Affinity
Prerequisite Meta: Eye-popper Allies or Mono Giantous
Description: Morgzoloth Diablos only count as a Deamon for minion cap purposes. However the only Diablos minions thou can summon are Morgzoloth.

Mono Sinfuls
Prerequisite Meta: Sinned Divination or Mono Quickening
Description: Each raised Deamon Eye-popper boosts thy legion’s attack speed.

Mono Quickening
Prerequisite Meta: Mono Sinfuls, Eye-popper Allies, or Mono Depravities
Description: Each Eye-popper Archer in thy legion boosts thy running speed.

Mono Depravities
Prerequisite Meta: Mono Quickening or Morgzoloth Affinity
Description: Summoning a Morgzoloth Diablos gifts thee +222 Max Health.

Eye-popper Divination (Top Right)
Prerequisite Meta: Eye-popper Divination (Top Center) or Meat Wallop
Description: Each raised Eye-popper Archer gifts thee +5 Re-rolls.

Cyclopian Most Wanted
Prerequisite Meta: Meat Wallop or Mono Giantous
Description: Cyclops shall arrive to pound thee good un proper. However Cyclops shall also drop extra Gems upon their death.

Two-eyed Soul
Prerequisite Meta: Cyclopian Might, Meat Wallop or Cyclopian Muggings
Description: Boneraises from Hero Soul pickups offer 2 choices instead of 1.

Cyclopian Might
Prerequisite Meta: Eye-popper Divination (Top Right)
Description: Thou shall receive +75 Max Health. However thy running speed is slightly reduced.

Cyclopian Muggings
Prerequisite Meta: Cyclopian Most Wanted
Description: Killing meanies using the Meaty Club relic drops double the Bones.

Unlock Method

Surviving a wave of Cyclops enemies during Mausoleum Awakening will unlock Cyclop Exile.
This requires at least Tier 1 of Mount Eyeball Might Heroic Force to be unlocked, or you will never be attacked by Cyclops waves and thus will never meet the requirements.

When their Heroic Force is active, Cyclops tend to arrive sometime after the second boss (Lord of the Land, Kenshi Shinobi, Werewolf Prince or Immortis Necrarch). They can potentially arrive after the first boss, but this is fairly rare. They will never arrive before the first boss at all. You have to survive until the start of the wave after the Cyclops to meet the requirements – simply encountering them alone will not qualify.

If you are struggling to reach or survive the Cyclops, then consider not unlocking Mount Eyeball Might beyond Tier 1, and also keep powering up your favorite class and unlocking spells and relics to get more powerful. Switching off or not unlocking all other Heroic Force meta is also another option to make the unlock faster or quicker, though this will reduce the amount of boneraises and other treasures you can get during a run.


Cyclop Exile finds themselves far more at the mercy of the RNG with their restricted choices, though it can be heavily mitigated by their synergy with Archer minions.

You can gain more re-rolls by raising or bolstering archers (5), giant archers (10), demon archers (10), and morgzoloth diablos (25), and these are the main way you deal with the difficult choices on this class – banishes can also reduce the pool somewhat, allowing you to get more. Take caution not to neglect other kinds of minions however, since just archers alone won’t cut it once you get into later waves.

This class is also somewhat more durable than most classes other than Grafted, featuring +75 maximum health from Cyclopian Might, and Mono Depravities gifting you a massive +222 max health for each diablos raised – with your starting diablos cap of 3, that gives you a rather auspicious +666 health your pool, also empowering your club attack via Meat WallopMono Giantous also affords you damage reduction for each giant archer and cannoneer you have, making Exile a very tanky class overall.

Horoscope Charm

Since your singular choice always counts as the “bottom” option, Horoscope Charm will go off in almost all choices, giving you extra rerolls and banishes. Seals gained from this item remain useless however, so it’s a 66% shot at getting something good.

Service Bell

Merchants are not affected by this class’s restrictions, allowing you a greater range of choice in relics every so often.

Eye Donors and Scope Sights

Since you will likely have a reliance and large stock of ranged minions, these relics will help empower your ranged minions further.

Meaty Club

You start with one stack, and can get two more to increase the size of your club attack.

Ethereal Shoes

Since you start off slightly slower than other classes, one or two of these will offset the lack of maneuverability.

Doll Maker

“Thou are engrossed in the artistry of manikin puppetry. Crafted from the dying and embalmed with magical waxes, they shall do thy bidding.”

Innate Class Effects

Doll Maker is unable to raise skelly minions at all, but has an entirely new roster of wax minions. They still retain the ability to summon Bro minions and Barrower-related minions.


Waxenmould Beggar
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can waxraise Beggar minions and their boomy friendos.

Waxenmould Wizard
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can waxraise Wizard minions who blast their magic loads.

Waxenmould Champion
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can infuse level 3 Peasant/Knight/Paladin minions with a hero soul to bestoweth Championhood upon them.

Knighthood Accord
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Level 3 Peasants can be becometh Knights boosting their power.

Waxenmould Bowman
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Beggar or Waxenmould Wizard
Description: Thou can waxraise Bowman minions who twang bow and arrows.

Waxenmould Fanatic
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Wizard or Waxenmould Champion
Description: Thou can waxraise Fanatic minions who swing their hurty ball, and who also slow any passing nearby meanies.

Waxenmould Flag Waver
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Bowman or Waxenmould High Wizard
Description: Thou can waxraise Flag Waver minions who Haste the nearby.

Waxenmould High Wizard
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Flag Waver, Waxenmould Wizard or Fanatic Tightly Fit
Description: Thou can infuse level 3 Wizards with a hero soul to becometh a towering Wizardry of magicments.

Waxenmould Heretics
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould High Wizard or Waxenmould Fanatic
Description: Thou can waxraise Cannibals and their dancing Shaman friendos, as well as Bandits and their bigger Mugger brothers.

Waxen Face
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Beggar or Knighthood Accord
Description: Thou shall rise anew together with a Repulsive Face relic.
Notes: Repulsive Face slows enemies that get near the player.

Championship Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: Knighthood Accord or Waxenmould Champion
Description: Each Champion/Lord in thy legion shall boost thy Max Health. The more power the minion possesses the greater the boost.

Waxenmould Lunatic Fanatic
Prerequisite Meta: Waxen Face or Paladinhood Accord
Description: Thou can infuse level 3 Fanatics with a hero soul to becometh a towering enjoyer of ball bashing.

Paladinhood Accord
Prerequisite Meta: Waxenmould Lunatic Fanatic, Knighthood Accord or Waxenmould Lord of the Land
Description: Level 3 Knights can becometh Paladins boosting their power.

Waxenmould Lord of the Land
Prerequisite Meta: Paladinhood Accord or Championship Invigoration
Description: Thou can infuse a level 3 Paladinal Champion with a hero soul to becometh a towering Lord of armor and blade.

Unlock Method

Surviving the third and final wave of the Paladinal Guard will unlock Doll Maker.
This requires you to be playing in Mausoleum Awakening mode.

The Paladinal Guard are the final three waves before the end of a run/loop begins – when you see the message “The Royal Guard arrive for noble thrashing!” (or its Christmas equivalent), Doll Maker should unlock. This can be significantly challenging for new players with few unlocks or when playing on higher difficulty maps – I can offer relatively little advice beyond simply keep playing the game, powering your unlocks up and building your skill at the game until you can overcome this challenge.


Doll Maker is one of two classes that feature a drastically different roster of minions to usual – of the two, Doll Maker is upfront about its use of sheer brute force to get the job done. You’ll find less support minions than the usual skelly roster, but your minions have large and linear upgrade paths that make them tremendously powerful.

I recommend fully unlocking all of this class’s meta before trying it out, since the meta largely just adds creatures to your roster, and without your meta you will be missing the ability to get your full range of power.

In terms of scaling, Doll Maker’s only meta is Championship Invigoration, which boosts your Max Health when you turn peasants, knights and paladins into champions. There is no inherent power scaling available beyond the doll roster having access to a lot of raw power right out of the box.

In terms of your minions, you should try to focus on upgrading a single minion at a time to full, especially peasantry – peasants have a nine step linear upgrade path, and then two hero souls will transform them first into a Paladin Champion, and then a Lord of the Land. These melee powerhouses will utterly crush early waves, and see you through even later waves and into loops pretty reliably.

Repulsive Face

You start with one for free, and can add two more stacks to max out the slowing effect.

Colossal Tooth

While Colossal Tooth isn’t entirely useless due to Behemoth Barrowers and Excavators still being raiseable, its use is greatly diminished on Doll Maker and should likely be banished.

Meldus Flame and Meldus Serum

Meldus Flame and Meldus Serum are completely useless as Doll Maker cannot summon meldus minions, and should be banished on sight.

Deamonic Sigil and Sinicious Ritual

Doll Maker cannot summon demonic minions, so these relics should be banished as they are not only useless, but outright harmful due to their downside.

Sprout Brotatoes

“Thou are potato husks possessed with a bromancer sorceric soul, who shares a kindred veggy spirit with all bro minion friendos.”


Root Germinate
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Graspy roots occasionally grow around thee slowing meanies. Increasing thy Max Health shall also increase their spread.

Bro Compadres
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy veggy friendship increases the max amount of every type of Bro minion thou can boneraise by +3.

Potoussy Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Big Bro Potoussy shall secrete a witchery Hex Sigil.

Funky Growths
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Greatly increases boneraising chance of being offered Bro minions.

Sprouty Head
Prerequisite Meta: Root Germinate or Bro Compadres
Description: Thy head shall sometimes sprout into a boomy pumpkin.

Pumpkinious Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: Bro Compadres or Potoussy Cultivation
Description: Big Bro Pumpkinious shall offer an even boomier surprise.

Brotraption Waterer
Prerequisite Meta: Sprouty Head or Divergent Bro Force
Description: Boosts regrowth rate of used contraptions by +50%. For example exploded pumpkins regrow more quickly.

Divergent Bro Force
Prerequisite Meta: Brotraption Waterer, Bro Compadres or Boobroski Cultivation
Description: Each different Bro minion increases all minion attack speeds.

Boobroski Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Bro Force or Pumpkinious Cultivation
Description: Big Bro Boobroski shall be joined with ghostly friendos.

Rooted Thorns
Prerequisite Meta: Root Germinate (required to function) or Funky Growths
Description: Thy graspy roots shall hurt meanies boosting thy Max Health.

Inflamenous Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: Funky Growths or Potoussy Cultivation
Description: Big Bro Inflamenous shall enflame an extended aura.

Raise Brospellious
Prerequisite Meta: Rooted Thorns or Big Bro Cheerleader
Description: Boneraising a Bro minion shall also gift a related Spell Scroll.
Notes: Spells are as follows:

  • Pot Bro – Potted Comedown
  • Pumpkin Bro – Pumpkined Comets
  • Shroom Bro – Blight Gout
  • Flam Bro – Flamey Rain
  • Boo Bro – Fleetly Hauntings
  • Zombie Bro – Abracadabra Hex
  • Shroom Bro – Blight Gout
  • Fruit Bro, Chesty Bro, Eggy Bro – Heart Wrangler
  • Berry Bro – Occult Juvenation
  • Chupacabro – Nothing

Big Bro Cheerleader
Prerequisite Meta: Raise Brospellious, Funky Growths or Fruitikeeni Cultivation
Description: Each different Big Bro minion increases all minion damage.

Fruitikeeni Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: Big Bro Cheerleader or Inflamenous Cultivation
Description: Big Bro Fruitkeeni shall also Haste nearby friendlies.

Unlock Method

Raising a Big Bro minion will unlock Sprout Brotatoes.
This requires at least Tier 1 of the Rotten Veggies Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, or alternately Tier 3 of the Blood Blooms Boneraise Lore, otherwise you will not be able to raise any Bro minions and thus cannot meet the requirements.

To raise a Big Bro minion, you must have two of the same bro minion in your legion (excluding Chesty, Eggy, Chupacabro and Berry). Since the default cap for Bro minions is 1, you’ll also need to find a way to raise their cap so you can have two; this can be accomplished via collecting relics, or building archetech from your hub.

You will eventually be offered a boneraise that fuses them into a Big Bro minion; taking this boneraise will meet the requirements for the unlock.

Bro minions have a moderate to low chance of being offered when eligible during boneraises, so collecting some stacks of the Funky Turnip relic can help raise your odds.


As Grafted is to Giants and Afflicted is to Meldus, so too is Sprout Brotatoes to Bro minions. You will find yourself more commonly offered the eclectic Bro minion range, you scale up in power from summoning a wide variety of Bros, and your Big Bro minions are empowered with additional abilities from your meta.

A Big Bro minion is made from two of the same kind of bro minion, and there are seven types of Big Bro in all – you should prioritize getting your big bro minions online as fast as possible to bring Big Bro Cheerleader up to speed, and then fill out the rest of your regular bro variety to get Divergent Bro Force going, maxing your attack speed and power scaling as soon as possible.

In particular if you can get it, Big Bro Fruitikeeni (two fruity bros) is a good early pick as it will haste all nearby minions, reducing the need to rely on Augurs. After that, Big Bro Boobroski is a boss killer, but it requires a bit of effort to use properly. Zombie Bros are also a great minion for fighting crowds with their large numbers.


Consult the table in the Unlock Method section for relics that can increase your bro minion caps. In addition to the table, Poacher’s Cage also increases the Chupacabro cap, Mimic teeth boosts Chesty Bro’s cap, and Tiny Egg boosts Egg Bro’s cap as well as making Eggy Bros get offered more commonly.

Funky Turnip

Increases the chance of being offered Bro minions. Since you want as many as possible, this is a no-brainer.

Psycho Possessed

“Thou are a pitiful ghostly wisp who feeds upon weakened souls. But those souls are not restless, for they seek to possess thee.”

Innate Class Effects

Psycho Possessed will occasionally become “possessed” by the soul of a class you have unlocked, effectively becoming that class (with all of their meta you have unlocked fully active and their innate effects in play) for a limited time. When the time is over, you will revert to your base ghostly form and a new timer will start until the next possession.


Dissociative Clockwork
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: A timer shall appear showing when a new Possession shall be.

Boo Friendship
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Increases the chance of being offered Boo Bro boneraises. The maximum amount of Boos thou can raise shall also be 69.

Past’s Apparition
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: With each Possession a ghostly spirit may join thy legion. The more Classes unlocked, the greater the max amount.

Psyche Power
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: For each Class unlocked thou shall start with +3 Max Health.
Notes: With all 16 classes unlocked, this bestows +48 Max Health.

Personality Feelings
Prerequisite Meta: Dissociative Clockwork or Boo Friendship
Description: The next Class Possession to come shall be shown to thee.

Boo Brew
Prerequisite Meta: Boo Friendship
Description: Thy Boo Bro minions shall spittily attack +50% faster.

Boobroski Cultivation
Prerequisite Meta: Boo Brew
Description: Giant Boobroski Bros shall be joined with ghostly friendos.

Identity Decision
Prerequisite Meta: Dissociative Clockwork or Psyche Power
Description: Thou are offered a choice when about to be Possessed by a Class.

Mental Fortitude
Prerequisite Meta: Psyche Power or Past’s Apparition
Description: With each Possession thou may gain a Fleetly Hauntings spell. The more Classes unlocked, the greater the chance.

Identity Instability
Prerequisite Meta: Identity Decision or Psyche Sustenance
Description: When choosing a Class Possession thou can re-roll those offered.

Psyche Sustenance
Prerequisite Meta: Identity Instability or Psyche Power
Description: With each Possession each Class unlocked heals +11 health.
Notes: With all 16 classes unlocked, this heals 176 health.

Unlock Method

Gaining a score of at least 99,999 while using the Fortuity Destiny class pick in Mausoleum Awakenings will unlock Psycho Possessed. You’ll also need to unlock at least one class other than Deprived Wretch, because Fortuity Destiny can’t be chosen otherwise.

Fortuity Destiny is the game’s “pick a random class for me” option, and 99,999 isn’t too worrying a requirement to get during a single run. If you’re struggling, simply restart runs with Fortuity Destiny until it gives you a class you’re good with.

If you find your score to be too low at the end of a run, ensure you have Tier 3 of Journey Into Beyonds Boneraise Lore unlocked, this will allow you to enter loops (known as New Game Forever) where you will almost certainly get a score of 99,999 before you reach the end of the first loop.


Psycho Possessed is essentially every class in one, but only one at a time randomly chosen. I recommend getting all the classes unlocked and as much meta unlocked as you can before playing this class, for the full experience.

Classes you become possessed by have all of their unlocked meta and innate abilities active, so you functionally fully become that class – yes, including minion caps, scaling, the works. Anything you manage to get while on a possessed class carries over to every other class, so go ahead and summon 6 diablos on Deamologist, a crapload of giants on Grafted, and you get to keep them! Max Health raises are also kept, but it’s unclear (unlikely) that damage and attack speed boosts are kept on classes.

As you might imagine, with a bit of luck this class is capable of some utterly nonsensical and ridiculous builds, but it is very luck based as to what you can get. I recommend saving up a lot of Hero Soul Meta, as that allows you one reroll per possession.

No synergy section for this class, as it’s best to just look at what other classes synergize with and use those as and when you can.

Voodoo Shaman

“Thy witchen rituals connect natural wilds to the supernatural. Meanies shudder as cursen hexes wrack the roots beneath thee.”


Hexen Aurais
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou have a Hexing aura, boosting the damage meanies suffer. Increasing thy Max Health also increases the aura’s size.

Zombai Sanitas
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each Zombie Bro minion raised increases thy Max Health by 1-11.

Zommy Compadres
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Increases the max amount of Zombie Bros thou can boneraise. Each 33 of Max Health increases the max amount by +1.

Witchi Celeritas
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Increases the chance of being offered Jinx Witch boneraises. Each Jinx Witch in thy legion increases thy running speed.

Blighten Aurais
Prerequisite Meta: Hexen Aurais or Zombai Sanitas
Description: Thou have a Blight aura, poisoning and slowing meanies. Increasing thy Max Health also increases the aura’s size.

Bequeathed Zompanion
Prerequisite Meta: Zombai Sanitas or Zommy Compadres
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a Zombie Bro minion.

Roots Growen
Prerequisite Meta: Blighten Aurais or Zombroi Numerus
Description: With each Boneraise tangle roots shall spread from thee.

Zombroi Numerus
Prerequisite Meta: Roots Growen, Zombai Sanitas or Tangles Occultus
Description: Big Bro Zombroid counts as Zombie Bro for minion limit purposes.

Tangles Occultus
Prerequisite Meta: Zombroi Numerus or Bequeathed Zompanion
Description: Hearts grown by Tangler Creep minions shall becometh occult.

Auguras Aurais
Prerequisite Meta: Hexen Aurais or Witchi Celeritas
Description: Thou have an Augur aura, speedily boosting minion speeds. Increasing thy Max Health also increases the aura’s size.

Rottenous Teeth
Prerequisite Meta: Witchi Celeritas or Zommy Compadres
Description: Zombie/Zombroid Bro minion attacks inflict Hex on meanies, and increases the chances of them infecting human meanies.

Occultus Agonia
Prerequisite Meta: Auguras Aurais or Shroomai Regeneratus
Description: Suffering hurt shall sprout Occult Heart pickups nearby.

Shroomai Regeneratus
Prerequisite Meta: Occultus Agonia, Witchi Celeritas or Zom Bigly Braineous
Description: Increases the chance of being offered Shroom Bro boneraises. Their fungal blighting aura shall also slowly heal thee.

Zom Bigly Braineous
Prerequisite Meta: Shroomai Regeneratus or Rottenous Teeth
Description: Zombie/Zombroid Bro minions shall have a greater sight range.

Unlock Method

Having 6 Zombie Bro minions active at the same time in a single run will unlock Voodoo Shaman.
This requires Tier 3 of the Rotten Veggies Boneraise Lore to be unlocked, or you will never be offered Zombie Bros and thus cannot meet the requirements.

You must first raise your Zombie Bro cap up to six (it starts at 1) to be able to do this and there are a handful of ways this is accomplished:

  • Sprout Brotatoes’ Bro Compadres meta increases the cap by 3
  • Getting a Shrunken Heads relic increases the cap by 3
  • Each Gravestone Grace archetech on the map increases the cap by 1 (to a maximum of 8)

Since Gravestone Graces are cheap, building five of them is the easiest way make you eligible for the unlock. When Zombie Bros attack and kill human foes, they have a chance to turn them into a Zombie Bro on your side – so you only need to actually raise one Zombie Bro and they will take care of the rest, though they are a little slow without boosts so try not to have too many ranged minions when you’re going for this unlock.

Note that Big Zomboid Bros do not count towards the requirement and can potentially lock you out of it by taking up slots in the Zombie cap, so don’t raise them until you have the unlock.


With somewhat of a mixed focus, Voodoo Shaman does two particular things very well – using zombies, and using auras to empower their own minions and weaken enemies.

Zombie Bros both increase your Max Health up to 11 via Zombai Sanitas, and your Max Health also increases the amount of zombies you can have via Zommy Compadres – an extra zombie for every 33 Max Health. Getting relics, spells or what-have-you to increase your Max Health will mean more zombies, and vice versa. Via Zombroi Numerus you can also upgrade Zombie Bros into the much more powerful Big Bro Zomboids without eating into your zombie cap like other classes would, and Rottenous Teeth allows them to do more damage than they would on other classes.

Beyond this, you have three auras – Hexen Aurais puts a hex on enemies increasing their damage taken, Blighten Aurais which poisons enemies and slows them at low health, and Auguras Aurais which hastes your minions when they’re within aura range. Max Health increases boost the size of each of these auras (though they have different sizes – Blight is definitely much smaller than Hex, for example), so you should prioritize grabbing as much max health as you can for this reason also.

Enboned Heart + Soul Taint

More Max Health means more zombies and bigger aura sizes.

Calf Donors

Zombies are a bit on the slow side by themselves, so several stacks of these relics will help them overcome this weakness.

Shrunken Heads

More zombies, more power. Simple enough.

Boneworm Brainiac

“Thou have no need for feckless minions. Instead thy magical mind absorbs the knowledge of the deceased gifting their skills to thee.”

Innate Class Effects

Boneworm Brainiac does not summon minions – instead, they gain the attack of the chosen minion, centered on the player character. Attacks will be targeted automatically as usual, and only used if in the attack’s usual range.


Freshen Magilous
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each time a fresh magic skelly minion is boneraised it shall gift upon thee a random Spell Scroll.

Divergent Meldum
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each different Meldus minion increases thy legion’s attack speeds.

Bossworm Basher
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Increases all damage inflicted upon enemy Bosses by +20%.

Divergent Giantus
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each different Giant minion increases thy legion’s attack damage.

Freshen Melilous
Prerequisite Meta: Freshen Magilous or Divergent Meldum
Description: Each time a fresh melee skelly minion is boneraised it shall gift upon thee an increase in Max Health.

Raisen Speedum
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Meldum or Bossworm Basher
Description: Each boneraise shall gift a temporary running speed boost.

Divergent Deamonic
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Meldum or Raisen Hasteum
Description: Each different Deamon/Diablos minion increases thy Max Health.

Raisen Hasteum
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Deamonic or Raisen Speedum
Description: Each boneraise shall gift a temporary attack speed boost.

Freshen Ranilous
Prerequisite Meta: Freshen Magilous or Divergent Giantous
Description: Each time a fresh ranged skelly minion is boneraised it shall gift upon thee an increase in running speed.

Raisen Rejuvenate
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Giantous or Bossworm Basher
Description: Each boneraise shall heal thee of +33 health.

Divergent Broski
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Giantous
Description: Each different Bro minion increases thy running speed.

Unlock Method

Having a legion containing a Meldus, Demon and Bro minion all at the same time will unlock Boneworm Brainiac.
This requires the Meldus Rituals, Rotten Veggies, and Deamonic Ritual Boneraise Lores to all be unlocked to at least Tier 1, or you will not be offered the respective minions.

To boneraise a demon, you need to have a level 3 skelly minion (purple) or a giant minion, and then pick up a hero soul.

To boneraise a meldus, you need to have a level 3 skelly minion (purple) and another skelly minion of any level (green, grey or purple). Only skellies are eligible for this – giants, bros, demons and barrowers will not help. Picking up a Meldus Flame relic will increase the chance of being offered one, and a Meldus Serum relic will allow you to sacrifice the serum instead of a minion.

Bros have no particular requirements, but you will be offered them more often if you pick up a Funky Turnip relic.

Simply have all three active at once and the class should unlock.


Boneworm Brainiac features a far more direct playstyle due to the player character being the one to launch the attacks and defend themselves, rather than relying on roaming minions for your protection. Imagine if every minion was carried around in a backpack on the player character and launches their attacks from there, and you’ve got the general idea.

This leads to a style of play where you often must be a lot more proactive and aggressive than usual, getting within range of enemies to launch attacks upon them – this does allow you much greater control over which enemies to target and prioritize, but does put you at greater risk.

The composition of your “legion” also highly affects your meta scaling – meldus variety for attack speed, giant variety for attack damage, demons for max health, and bros for run speed. Scaling up involves getting as much variety as possible in your boneraises, but you can always just stack the stuff you love, too.

Melee Minions

A distinction should be drawn between the two kinds of melee minion – ones with an actual attack, and ones that deal contact damage. Attackers like Grave Guard or Giant Fister attack with a short-ranged swipe, and these minions are quite useful for you since you can essentially direct their attacks far better than you could on any other class. Minions that must be in contact with the enemy to deal damage however are dangerous and useless on Brainiac, and should be avoided. Specifically, Big Boo, both Zombie Bros, and Chupacabro are contact damagers.

Bellow Batty

While these minions’ push attack is unpredictable and sometimes harmful on other classes, it is very good for crowd control on Brainiac due to always pushing enemies away from you no matter what.

Jingle Bellead

For similar reasons to Bellow Batty, Jingles have double the push effect due to their own attack and the player-centered attack occupying the same location, giving you a lot of breathing room.

Eye Donors

More range is ideal on a class where everything originates from their physical position.

Calf Donors

On the opposite end of the scale to Eye Donors, since you have no “minions” that need to reach enemies, Calf Donors are useless on this class and should be banished.

Manky Fingerer

If you have any melee capability, this relic is a quick way to immediately kill non-golden and non-boss enemies since your melee and dash are always going to be within range of each other.

Ethereal Shoes and Aromatic Mushroom

Maneuverability is a must on this class, especially if your “legion” is heavily reliant on melee attacks.

Imp Contraptineer

“Thou are a scamperer of a scrapper. A salvager boning bodgerer of death’s detritus who constructs archetech contraptionings.”

Innate Class Effects

Imp Contraptineer has access to a spell, only usable when you have no other spells to use. When available it will place a finger cursor over the nearest contraption to indicate which one the spell will be used upon.

Using the spell brings up the Archetech Menu like the one in the hub, except the currency used to rebuild contraptions is Scrap rather than Coins. As usual, limits apply to how many of a given contraption can be built.


Contraptor Salvager
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Deconstructing contraptions gives 50% of its base scrap worth.

Tinkerer Trapper
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou occasionally constructs sneaky Impling traps nearby. Boosting thy Max Health boosts the speed of trap creation.

Impling Scrappers
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Each Impling Trapper in thy legion gifts Scrap every second. Deamonous Impling especially gift even more to thee.

Impling Apprentices
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths an Impling Trapper minion, and increases the chance of being offered Impling boneraises.

Contraptor Rejuvenator
Prerequisite Meta: Contraptor Salvager or Tinkerer Trapper
Description: Boosts regrowth rate of used contraptions by +50%. For example exploded pumpkins regrow more quickly.

Deamonous Trappers
Prerequisite Meta: Tinkerer Trapper or Impling Scrapper
Description: Each Deamonous Impling boosts the damage all Impling traps inflict.

Contraptor Maximus
Prerequisite Meta:

  • Contraptor Rejuvenator or Raise Impspellious (Top Left)
  • Raise Impspellious or Deamonous Trappers (Bottom Left)
  • Impling Energise (Top Right)
  • Impling Energise or Gemenous Scrap (Bottom Left)

Description: Boosts each and every Archetech Contraption cap limit by +1. Note this only applies when constructing contraptions during play!
Notes: Exists four times on the grid (in each corner) and stacks to a total of +3 to every contraption cap.

Raise Impspellious
Prerequisite Meta: Contraptor Maximus (Top Left), Tinkerer Trapper or Contraptor Maximus (Bottom Left)
Description: Taking Impling related Boneraises gifts a Trap Surprise spell.

Gemenous Scrap
Prerequisite Meta: Impling Apprentices or Impling Scrappers
Description: Collecting Gem Pickups shall gift a tidy sum of Scrap.

Impling Energise
Prerequisite Meta: Impling Apprentices or Contraptor Maximus (Bottom Left)
Description: Each Impling Trapper in thy legion boosts thy running speed. Each Deamonous Implings minion boosts this further.

Unlock Method

Having a legion containing three Impling Trapper minions of any level will unlock Imp Contraptineer.

Implings have no special requirements but aren’t offered very often, so just keep playing and taking Imps when they pop up. Banishing choices that aren’t imps and rerolling can help you get three of them more quickly.


Imp Contraptineer is all about the structures you find on each map, known by the game term “Archetech”, as well as implings and the traps they build. This essentially themes the whole class around terrain control, making it very good against mobs of enemies but causes it to suffer a little against bosses.

Your ability to rebuild archetech to your liking (as long as you have enough scrap) gives you a wide range of customization – you could build up traps and terrain control to affect the flow of enemies such as scarecrows and pumpkins, or build things that empower yourself and help you grow stronger such as chests and fruit. As an added small bonus, you can even deconstruct and change archetech you can’t usually affect from the menu, such as the Cursen Eyes found on Accursed Cathedral.

You should be careful not to neglect other aspects of your legion – while you do grow stronger from imps giving you scrap, trap damage and run speed, they don’t offer any other form of scaling so your damage output may not keep up if you don’t get some minions who can put out the hurt, such as giants.

Trapper Implings

These will generate scrap for you to use, make you quicker on your feet, give you Trap Surprise spells, and demonic Implings will boost the damage all traps inflict as well as give you even more scrap.

Bro Minions

Imp’s higher limits on each archetech essentially allow you to raise and lower minion caps on Bro minions where applicable – it should be noted that dropping the limit under the amount of minions you have incurs no punishment at all, so it is beneficial to get as many as you can and then deconstruct all the involved archetech – for example maxing out your Zombie Bro cap (with 12 Gravestone Graces and 3 Shrunken Heads relics for a total of 22 Zombies) and then rebuilding for a different purpose of your choosing.

Funky Turnip and Bro Cap Increasing Relics

If you choose to play around with Bro caps via archetech, it’s recommended you pick up at least one Funky Turnip first in order to ensure you’re actually offered bros semi-reliably. To completely max out caps, you’ll also want the relics that correspond to each bro type. See Sprout Brotatoes’ Unlock section for more information on this.

Watering Can

This will make your regenerating archetech such as Bushy Fruit or Treasured Chesty regenerate quicker, incurring less downtime and synergizing with your meta.

Book of Grudges

If you tend to focus on Imps and area control, you will want as many of these as you can, since traps tend to deal fairly low damage to bosses.

Dark Metaman

“Once a noble champion now fallen to the lures of darken arts, who uses tormented souls to bolster their primal abilities.”

Innate Class Effects

Each of Dark Metaman’s Meta can have up to ten Hero Soul Meta invested in it rather than just one. Each soul invested boosts the Meta further up to its maximum. This guide only covers the maximum amount each Meta bestows at 10 souls invested.


Soulen Invunlerability
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Collecting a Hero Soul gifts thee 20 seconds of invincibility.

Darken Defense
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Reduces the amount of hurt thou suffer by 30%.

Darken Footsie
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Boosts thy foot running speed by +20%.

Bone Polisher
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Boosts the value of Bone Pickups by +20%.

Soulen Duplicity
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Invulnerability or Darken Defense
Description: Collecting a Hero Soul has 10% chance of creating a Forged Soul.

Darken Dash
Prerequisite Meta: Darken Defense or Darken Footsie
Description: Boosts thy dashing length by +50%.

Soulen Haste
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Duplicity or Darken Health
Description: Collecting a Hero Soul gifts thee 20 seconds of Haste.

Darken Health
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Haste, Darken Defense or Darken Regeneration
Description: Boosts thy starting Max Health by +50%.

Darken Regeneration
Prerequisite Meta: Darken Health or Darken Dash
Description: Boosts thy Blood Blooms Health regeneration by +50%. Note Blood Blooms is found in thy Boneraise Lore meta!

Soulen Embolden
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Invulnerability or Bone Polisher
Description: Collecting a Hero Soul boosts thy Max Health by +30.
Notes: Has the same name as a different Meta on this grid, but has a different effect.

Darken Spells
Prerequisite Meta: Bone Polisher or Darken Footsie
Description: Boosts thy spell casting power level by +50%.

Soulen Embolden
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Embolden (Diagonally up and right from Center) or Gem Polisher
Description: Collecting a Hero Soul heals 100% of thy Health.
Notes: Has the same name as a different Meta on this grid, but has a different effect.

Gem Polisher
Prerequisite Meta: Soulen Embolden (Top Right Corner), Bone Polisher or Darken Suckage
Description: Boosts the value of Gem Pickups by +20%.

Darken Suckage
Prerequisite Meta: Gem Polisher or Darken Spells
Description: Boosts power of thy Bone suckage abilities by +20%.

Unlock Method

Having at least 9999 coins and at least 9 hero soul meta in stock at once will unlock Dark Metaman.

Just keep doing runs while not spending anything in the hub, and you should hit the unlock pretty quickly. A run with a particularly good score will give you everything you need all at once, so git to gettin’ good.


With boosted stats and a penchant for eating souls, Dark Metaman is a fairly straightforward jack-of-all character who starts out a good chunk stronger than other classes right out of the box, featuring increased running speed, pickup value, max health and regeneration, maneuverability and damage reduction. Collecting Hero Souls also grants you full healing, a chunk of max health, temporary increased speed and invulnerability, and a chance to get two boneraises out of the soul rather than one.

Metaman does have no built in scaling or too many tricks beyond this however, so you’ll have to rely on your wits, luck and experience to pull you through. Good thing you’ve got this guide, right?

Forged Soul

It is worth noting Forged Souls do NOT trigger your soul metas – only actual Hero Souls will give you your bonuses.

Soul Receptacle

These allow you to store dropped Hero Souls for later, as well as giving you a free spell when you get around to collecting them. This essentially allows you to pull 20 seconds of invulnerability out of the bag on command up to twice which can be a lifesaver if you’re in a bad situation.

Beast Whisperer

“Thou are born of aberrant bestial bloodlines, with unnatural power to dominate and tame the souls of weak beastly minds.”

Innate Class Effects

Beast Whisperer is unable to raise skelly minions at all, but has an entirely new roster of beast minions. They still retain the ability to summon Bro minions and Barrower-related minions.


Tamed Scurry
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou have an aura that Hastes nearby Tamed minions. Each different Tamed minion boosts the aura size.

Entame Chomper
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can beastraise Chomper and Bloater minions.

Entame Zombies
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can beastraise Zombie and Ghoul minions.

Entame Warbles
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou can beastraise Warble and Bouncy Warble minions.

Bestial Aura
Prerequisite Meta: Tamed Scurry or Entame Chomper
Description: Beast meanies are slowed down when near to thee. Each different Tamed minion boosts the aura size.

Entame Ogres
Prerequisite Meta: Entame Chomper or Entame Zombies
Description: Thou can beastraise Ogre and Boulder Ogre minions.

Bestial Subdue
Prerequisite Meta: Bestial Aura or Entame Cyclops
Description: Beast meanies inflict -25% damage against thee.

Entame Cyclops
Prerequisite Meta: Bestial Subdue, Entame Chomper or Entame Werewolves
Description: Thou can beastraise Cyclop and Goliath Cyclopian minions.

Entame Werewolves
Prerequisite Meta: Entame Cyclops or Entame Ogres
Description: Thou can beastraise Bestial Boys and Werewolf minions.

Divergent Tamings
Prerequisite Meta: Tamed Scurry or Entame Warbles
Description: Each different Tamed minion boosts thy running speed.

Entame Dryads
Prerequisite Meta: Entame Warbles or Entame Zombies
Description: Thou can beastraise Dryad and Elden Tree minions.

Divergent Invigoration
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Tamings or Divergent Savagery
Description: Each different Tamed minion boosts thy Max Health by +10.

Divergent Savagery
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Tamings, Entame Warbles or Alpha Beast
Description: Each different Tamed minion boosts all thy Tamed minion’s damage.

Alpha Beast
Prerequisite Meta: Divergent Savagery or Entame Dryads
Description: Thy Tamed minions gain Haste when against Boss meanies.

Unlock Method

Surviving a wave of Ogre enemies during Mausoleum Awakening will unlock Beast Whisperer.
This requires at least Tier 1 of Ogre Juggernauts Heroic Force to be unlocked, or you will never be attacked by Ogre waves and thus will never meet the requirements.

Similarly to the Cyclop Exile unlock, Ogres arrive around the same time period – usually after the second boss, rarely after the first, never before the first. Again, you have to survive the full ogre wave, merely encountering them isn’t enough.

If you are struggling, then try to build a legion with a lot of damage output – ogres are very resilient enemies that take quite a bit to put down. Like with Cyclop Exile, switching off all other Heroic Force meta will help you get to that stage of the game faster but will have you less powerful when you do encounter them.


The other class that features an alternate roster to skellies, Beast Whisperer is the variety-based counterpart to Doll Maker, featuring a roster with quite a few tricks and a bit more meta scaling.

I recommend fully unlocking all of this class’s meta before trying it out, since the meta largely just adds creatures to your roster, and without your meta you will be missing the ability to get your full range of power.

Your roster is quite diverse and features the beast minions you’ve been unlocking in the Heroic Force meta section, such as zombies, slimes, goblins, and more. Usually your minions have a base form and an upgraded form that requires you to fuse two together – normally base forms are simple contact melee damagers and upgraded forms usually have something extra to them.

You want to try and have at least one of each minion, since your meta uses this to boost your Max Health and your minion damage. As an added bonus, you have a haste aura that grows in size along with your max health – so even if you don’t care for particular minions, try to have at least one to get your meta scaled up as fast as possible before you banish.

Calf Donors, Soul Blades and Leechen Blades

A significant amount of your menagerie are melee contact damagers, and thus your whole legion will benefit greatly from some extra speed from Calf Donors, as well as some extra bang for your bones from the blades.

Colossal Tooth

While Colossal Tooth isn’t entirely useless due to Behemoth Barrowers and Excavators still being raiseable, its use is greatly diminished on Beast Whisperer and should likely be banished.

Meldus Flame and Meldus Serum

Meldus Flame and Meldus Serum are completely useless as Beast Whisperer cannot summon meldus minions, and should be banished on sight.

Deamonic Sigil and Sinicious Ritual

Beast Whisperer cannot summon demonic minions, so these relics should be banished as they are not only useless, but outright harmful due to their downside.

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