Boruto Chapter 29

Boruto Chapter 29 Now Available; Koji Enters Konoha, Kawaki Shows Karma

Finally, the long wait is over. Boruto Chapter 29 is now available and fans can now read it online. In this chapter, we saw how Koji managed to enter the Kohona silently in search of Kawaki. We also got a chance to learn more about Karma as Koji helped Boruto during his training.

Boruto Chapter 29 Summary

As the time passed by, Konoha has placed sensory type units to scan and detect any person who enters and exits the village. Usually, they are able to tell if there’s a newcomer in the village. However, it seems like Koji knows how to hide his chakra and managed to silently sneak inside the village.

Meanwhile, in Boruto’s house, Naruto invited Boruto to train with him expecting to learn more about Karma. During the trainer, we see how Kawaki helped Boruto to activate his Karma. In my observation, it seems like Karma has a connection between each other as Kawaki managed to activate Boruto’s Karma by activating his own Karma.

While the highlight of this chapter is to learn more about Karma, it also reveals Kawaki’s struggle during his training and his wish to get rid of his Karma.

Also, it seems like Kawaki is already starting to show more signs of his interest to Boruto. During the training earlier, he learned some values that should be done after the trainer, where he did not experience during his training in the past. Kawaki also asks Naruto about Boruto and also learn some important life values. Boruto Chapter 29 ended with Kashin Koji learning Kawaki’s location.