Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Manga Sees Boruto Overcoming Momoshiki Power

Following the take over of Masashi Kishimoto on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series, fans have been all excited to read each chapter of the manga. Well, it’s actually not surprising why old fans are returning to read the series as the original author of Naruto Shippuden series is now the writer of Boruto.

In the latest Boruto Chapter 54 titled “Bro”, Masashi Kishimoto just showcased her might as a writer as he introduced the twists and plans of the villain of the manga series. As seen in Chapter 54, the fight between Sasuke and Kawaki against Momoshiki continues.

Using Boruto’s body, Momoshiki attacked the ninjas of the Konoha Village. During their fight, Momoshiki revealed his true plan. It turns out that he’s now aiming for the divine tree, now that Isshiki is gone. Along with these details, Momoshiki also confirmed that the sacrifice for the tree is Kawaki.

As they continue to fight, Naruto, who dealt with Isshiki falls down. “My body feels like it’s made of lead. This isn’t good”, is the last words that we hear from Naruto before losing consciousness. Sasuke and Kawaki didn’t notice that Naruto already falls down as they are still dealing with Momoshiki. Later on, Sasuke determined a possible weakness for Momoshiki and at the same time, they also noticed Naruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Upon learning the details from Sasuke, Kawaki came up with a plan to force Boruto to use his chakra by sacrificing himself. Knowing that Kawaki is the only one left suitable as a sacrifice for the divine tree, Momoshiki didn’t have a choice but to absorb the fire burning Kawaki’s body.

Upon absorbing his power, the real Boruto wakes up and stopped Momoshiki by cutting the horn on his head. This action done by Boruto immediately took effect and Momoshiki finally loses his control to his body.

Just before the chapter ends, we got to see Sasuke’s reaction while watching Naruto. Is Naruto still alive? What do you think will happen to Naruto? Make sure to leave your theory by leaving a comment below.

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