Boruto Episode 78

Boruto Episode 78: Spoilers, Expectations, and Release Date

While most of us are expecting for the team to defeat Garaga, it did not happen in Episode 78. Instead, it ended with Garaga being summoned by Uzumaki Boruto. Obviously, Garaga is now the official summon animal of Boruto and it’s clear that Garaga is stronger than Sasuke’s Aoda.

Now with Episode 78 on its way, there are many questions that we are hoping to be answered. Before we continue, we would like to remind you that this discussion may contain spoilers, so if you don’t like spoilers, stop reading this post.

Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers and Expectations

In the previous episode, we witnessed how Boruto, Sarada, and the others try to get hold of Garaga’s reverse scale. Even Sasuke’s summoning Aoda helped them, but unfortunately, they failed.

While in battle trying to figure out things, Shikadai learned something and executed their plan. Later, while Boruto is almost near to grab the reverse scale, Garaga opened his left eye and Boruto found himself in Garaga’s thoughts, similar to how Naruto approached Kurama. From there, Boruto learned what happened in Garaga’s past and why he hates human.

Instead of grabbing the reverse scale, Boruto negotiates with Garaga and made a contract with him that if Mitsuki betrayed the Hidden Leaf, he’s free to kill Boruto. Later, we learned that Mitsuki is headed for the Land of Earth.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Kirara
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Kirara

Now here comes the spoiler for Episode 78. In this episode, we’ll find Mitsuki traveling with the hidden stone shinobi and they are headed to the Land of Earth. The fact that Boruto knows where they are going, they also headed to meet Mitsuki.

We might be seeing in this episode how Boruto meets Mitsuki along with the other shinobi. And of course, the fight that we all want to see is about to happen. But unfortunately, it will be shown in Episode 79.

Boruto Episode 78 Release Date

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 78 is set to air on October 21, 2018. While we haven’t got any explanation why airing of Boruto has been changed, it’s still good to see that we’re getting them on weekends.

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