Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon – Flutterbug Road Tips and Advice

Are you one of the players who keep on getting second place instead of first place? Here, we will be giving you some tips and advice that will help you ace Flutterbug Road in Boyfriend Dungeon.

Flutterbug Road Tips and Advice

  • Did it in one sitting to build up the muscle memory and learn controls.
  • Stay close to walls but not bump into them. every little bump, grind, and turning slows you down.
  • Perfect the turns.
  • Just practice lapping without bumps, and use the 2nd place racer to push you forward when you are in first to stay in the lead if you’re messing up.

With the last difficulty, I pretty much passed into 1st by perfecting the double sharp turn in the middle of the race. I think that is the only spot to gain distance for first place. Just keep at it. I could take all 2-3 laps to secure 1st on the final match because you won’t be first from the start, unlike the easier difficulty.

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