Brinefall PC Controls and Shortcuts

This page covers the list of Brinefall controls and keyboard shortcuts for PC. Brinefall is a unique sandbox and exploration video game developed and published by Qwerty Studio. The game is currently available on Windows PC via Steam.

Brinefall Control

The following are the default Brinefall key bindings. You can change these default controls while you’re in-game. While in-game, click the Options button located on the lower right side of the screen. From there, you can see the Keybinding option where you can edit and change the default key bindings.

Rotate CameraMiddle Mouse Button
Action Bar Slot 11
Action Bar Slot 22
Action Bar Slot 33
Action Bar Slot 44
Action Bar Slot 55
Action Bar Slot 66
Action Bar Slot 77
Action Bar Slot 88
Action Bar Slot 99
Action Bar Slot 100
Weapon AttackLeft Mouse Button
Weapon First AbilityE
Weapon Second AbilityR
Move UpW
Move DownS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Character PanelC
Inventory PanelI
Options PanelEsc
Weapon Special 2Middle Mouse Button
Quest LogL
Brinefall Controls

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