Brookhaven Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes Details

Developer and publisher Little Amethyst has rolled out the newest Brookhaven update 1.0.6. The new patch is now available for download to get the newest update for the game.

According to the details, update 1.0.6 adds new features in Brookhaven such as summon monsters, new skills, and more. In addition to these features, the update also addressed some of the bugs and loopholes in the game.

Learn more about this new update below.

Brookhaven Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes

  • New Feature: Summon monsters in the player’s cave using the ritual circle. It will tell you how to use it if you interact with it.
  • Loophole Fix: Prevent scrolling inventory until you have fully upgraded your backpack. If you had items in the other scroll levels, then they can be found by your front door inside of your house.
  • You can give back normal tools (not upgraded) to shopkeepers.
  • Loophole Fix: Prevent players from skipping the large barn/coop upgrade.
  • Switched Fishing Rewards: Butterfly Net is now available at level 3, and the Fishing Cage is now available at level 5.
  • New Skill: Level 5 Foraging unlocks double the Elderberry Harvest.
  • New Skill Choice: Level 5 Mining choice: Jeweler (gems sell for double) or Curator (better odds when opening geodes). Keep in mind, you can reset most skills at the hidden statue in Dionysus Village.
  • New background art for the Machine Tutorials (if you have Tutorial ON in your Settings, then hover your mouse over any machine to see what it does).
  • Prevent accidental machine placing by putting a limit on how far away you can be while placing machines.
  • New Skill Advantages: For each level in fighting, you will have a higher innate defense and attack damage.
  • Fixed swimming and ice-skating for Controller users.

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