Buddy Simulator 1984 Library


Forgive Me Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Forgive Me I should have known better. How to Obtain Forgive Me Achievement Basically the genocide route. Disagree with your buddy, interact with all the


Pointless Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Pointless I do not exist, because I eventually won’t exist. How to Obtain Pointless Achievement The shortest ending, which involves 3 main components: In the


This is it Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

This is it This is our perfect ending. How to Obtain This is it Achievement Interestingly enough, the hardest achievement to get. In order to


The Shape Gang Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

The Shape Gang Defeat the Shape Gang. How to Obtain The Shape Gang Achievement In Palchumville (Noville), go to the very top of the map,


A New Bard Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

A New Bard Help Bronkh find the perfect bard to mentor. How to Obtain In Palchumville (Noville) you will meet Bronkh in front of one


Levi the Lever Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Levi the Lever Help Levi finally find his place. How to Obtain Probably one of the longest build-ups for achievement yet. It starts while you’re


Free Novak Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Free Novak I don’t think he did anything wrong. How to Obtain Once you have the sword and get to the 2.5D per colored section


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