Buddy Simulator 1984

Pointless Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Pointless Pointless
I do not exist, because I eventually won’t exist.

How to Obtain Pointless Achievement

The shortest ending, which involves 3 main components:

  1. In the text section of the game, once you get to the house/shed/playground/pond part, go to the well, freak your buddy out.
  2. In the 1bit section, try interacting with the back of the house and go to the room before you get told by Bana that it exists.
  3. Once you get to the 2.5D per colored section of the game, get to the cave through the tree line (a path that you would only be aware of if you’ve beaten the Snoodlewonker before). You can do this as soon as you take your sword back and finish the introductory fight.

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