Bunhouse – Beginner’s Tips and Guide

Looking for a beginner-friendly guide to help you get started in Bunhouse? You have come to the right place as we will be giving you the basic tips and guidelines for your first journey to Bunhouse.

How to Take Care of Plants

For your plants to grow, they are going to need three things:

  • Dirt
  • Sun
  • Water

To figure out how much of each, check your plantipedia in the main menu.


If you grow multiple plants in the same pot of dirt, the dirt will lose its nutrients! Empty out your pots in the dirt recepticle and then refill them.


Every plant’s sun needs are rated on a scale of one, two, or three.

  • One Sun – Any plant under a shade unit.
  • Two Suns – Any plant inside the greenhouse.
  • Three Suns – Any plant outside or under a sun magnification unit.


Every plant’s water needs are rated on a scare of one, two, or three. Plants lose water over time and can easily overwatered too.

  • One Drop – A plant that is labeled as one water droplet in the plantipedia needs less than one full water unit to be happy.
  • Two Drops – Water between one and two full drops.
  • Three Drops – Water between two and three full drops.

How to Improve Your Greenhouse

Bunhouse is all about creating your own personal leafy paradise. Upgrade everything and discover what you love!


Press the use button next to the Mailbox to order plants, furniture, and upgrades. Delivery birds will ship your order directly to the road in front of your greenhouse.


Press the use button next to the Paint Can to change up how your greenhouse looks. Make sure you like the look before you keep it though; it costs carrots!


Speaking of carrots, carrots support the Bunconomy. To get more, simply sell your plants at the front booth. The bigger the plant, the more it’s worth!


Head across the road from the greenhouse and to the deck. This will start the fishing mini game. Check the controls in the main menu for more information.

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