Bus Driving Sim 22

Bus Driving Sim 22 PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Another driving simulation video game has arrived on PC. This time, it was the Bus Driving Sim 22, developed and published by Ovilex Software. Being a bus driver is not an easy task, which is why you should be familiar with the default Bus Driving Sim 22 controls. The game can be played using a mouse and keyboard and gamepad controllers. This page will detail all of the important controls for Bus Driving Sim 22.

Bus Driving Sim 22 Controls

Before we get started, keep in mind that you can change and remap all of these default controls in the game. Just go to the controls settings of the game to modify the controls.

Steer LeftA
Steer RightD
Light SwitchL
Blink LeftQ
Blink RightE
Hazard LightK
Engine StartI
Open/Close DoorsF
Cruise ControlLeft Ctrl
Shift Up1
Shift Down2
Change CameraC
Bus Driving Sim 22 Controls

As mentioned above, you can also play the game using a gamepad controller. You can find the default controls using the controller below.

SteeringLeft Analog Stick
Light SwitchD-Pad Up
Blink LeftD-Pad Left
Blink RightD-Pad Right
Hazard LightD-Pad Down
Engine StartMenu Button
Open/Close DoorsA
Cruise ControlL3
Shift UpY
Shift DownX
Change CameraR3
Camera MovementRight Analog Stick
PauseView Button
Bus Driving Sim 22 Gamepad Controls

With all the listed Bus Driving Sim 22 key bindings and shortcuts above, you’re now ready to transport your passengers safely. Good luck, driver!

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