Bus Simulator 18

Bus Simulator 18 PC Crack Now Available, 2 Years After Its Release

Following its release in June 2018, astragon Entertainment’s Bus Simulator 18 for PC has been officially cracked by an infamous group of hackers.

Despite being released in 2018, Bus Simulator 18 is still one of the best bus driving simulation games available on PC right now. In fact, the game developer has been constantly working on the game by adding new DLC. The most recent DLC that the game received was released in May 2019.

Bus Simulator 18 Seaside Valley DLC
Bus Simulator 18 Seaside Valley DLC

Being one of the best bus simulation games in the market, many PC gamers are asking video game hackers to crack the game. However, it seems that it didn’t get the attention or maybe hackers don’t want to crack it. Well, we don’t exactly know the reason.

While no one is expecting to get a crack for the game this year, an infamous hacker named c000005 has released the Bus Simulator 18 crack for PC and it is now available to download online.

Along with the crack release, c000005 also said that he plans to crack more Denuvo games starting from the bottom.

“I plan to do only denuvo cracks and will start from the bottom of the ladder, to the hardest and most modern denuvo builds. This is for the purpose of applying the most accurate methods and keeping a stable flow of my cracks in the upcoming harder twist.”

What is Denuvo?

Denuvo is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management (DRM) security developed to protect video games that are being released on PC. While the company behind this security software is doing its best to enhance its security, it seems that video game hackers are still able to exploit it. Some of the latest games that are using Denuvo that have been successfully cracked are Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Far Cry 5, and more.

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