Bus Simulator 21

Bus Simulator 21 PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will be showing you the default Bus Simulator 21 keyboard controls for PC. Note that you can customize these default controls by simply going to the settings menu of Bus Simulator 21.

Bus Simulator 21 Keyboard Controls

Switch to cockpit zoomF
Look to the left or rightMouse Horizontal
Look up or downMouse Vertical
Toggle between first and third-person modeY or Mouse Wheel
Switch to action cameraLeft Shift
Interior mirrorX
Switch to ticketing machine modeLeft Ctrl
Overview of all cockpit FunctionsTab
Open/close all doors^
Open/close first door1
Open/close second door2
Open/close third door3
Open/close fourth door4
Open/close fifth door5
Extend or retract the rampG
Hand brakeSpacebar
Bus stop brakeLeft Alt
Change to a speed limiterZ
Signal LeftQ
Signal rightE
Emergency brake/hand brakeP
Shift up a gearF
Shift down a gearR
Windshield wiperB
Engine On/OffU
Cycle retarder strengthM
Ticketing machine lights0
Passenger lights9
Cockpit lights8
Warning lights7
Cycle main lightL
High beamsK
Customizing areaRight Mouse Button
Pause MenuEsc
Button OverviewShift
Exit CockpitC
End TripEnd
Open ChatEnter
Move seat forward9
Move seat backward6
Raise seat8
Lower seat5

Did we miss any Bus Simulator 21 controls? Make sure to let us know in the comments below so we can update this controls guide for Bus Simulator 21.

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