Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry Controls and Shortcuts

MaFi Games’ latest colony simulation game, Captain of Industry, has finally arrived. Your task is to build and manage a small colony of survivors into an industrial empire.

However, without the basic knowledge, you will surely find yourself in a difficult situation. To make things easier, this page will detail every Captain of Industry controls that you should know.

Captain of Industry Controls

For those who are wondering if the default Captain of Industry key bindings and shortcuts can be remapped, it’s unfortunate to say that there is still no feature that will allow you to change the current controls. However, the game developer has confirmed that they are already working on this feature and will soon arrive in the game.

RotationMiddle Mouse Button + Drag
PanRMB + Drag or W A S D
ZoomMouse Wheel
Game Speed+, -, and Space (for Pause)
World MapTab
Terrain DesignationsX for Mining, Z for Dumping
Transport MenuT
Destroy ToolDel
Clone ToolC
Build Multiple BuildingsShift (Hold)
Toggle Photo ModeF11
Save ScreenshotP
Camera Auto RotationO
Auto-Rotation Speed Controls[, ], and \
Toggle Entity IconI
Toggle SmoothingK
Captain of Industry Controls

This is everything about our controls guide for Captain of Industry. Let us know in the comments if you have questions or suggestions to improve this guide.

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