Chillquarium Save Game File

How to get all achievements, which includes all fish (from all 5 packs) besides mythics, all painted fish, and all golden fish. All rainbow fish and all mythics are also covered in this in-depth guide.

Replace your files with the 100% files

Go to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Chillquarium\V7

Go to this Google link HERE

Replace tank_0_objects, tank_1_objects, tank_3_objects, tank_4_objects, tank_5_objects

If you replace the whole file you will be missing the steam_autocloud, which I believe is necessary so don’t do that.

You may also replace tank_2_objects, but there’s no fish there (there are 5 fish packs and 6 tanks). You may also replace globals, but it’s not necessary, it contains money and mercy values.

Launch the game and go through all tanks

I got these files by coding a macro in python to replace all instances of fish with adult fish and then swap the rarities around, but I think you all would agree that downloading these files instead is way way easier.

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