Chop is Dish

Chop is Dish Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer HugePixel has released the official Chop is Dish achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Chop is Dish, players will be needing a total of 1,000 Gamerscore to earn the 20 achievements in the game. None of the achievements are secret. Below is the list of Chop is Dish achievements and how to complete them.

Chop is Dish Achievement List

Ham, get back home!Complete the tutorial15
Dill hillsComplete level 1-115
Deeper into Dill hillsComplete level 1-215
In the heart of Dill hillsComplete level 1-315
No kisses!Defeat the first boss90
Steak FortressComplete level 2-130
Deeper into Steak FortressComplete level 2-230
In the heart of Steak FortressComplete level 2-330
Beefy face!Defeat the second boss90
Kebab GrottoComplete level 3-130
Deeper into Kebab GrottoComplete level 3-230
In the heart of Kebab GrottoComplete level 3-390
I love meat so much! It's always with me...Finish the game100
Did you really need to do this?Finish the game twice150
Thank you kindly!View the credits until the end (Only after you beat the game)90
You've asked for this!Kill 72 monsters90
Sick burn!Die from fire 5 times30
Six feet under the Cuckoo's NestFall to abyss 5 times30
High cuisine!Find the secret burger15
Ooopsie daisy...Get the Game Over message15