Chop Shop Achievement – ASTRONEER

Chop Shop
Scrap 50 objects in a Shredder.

How to Unlock Chop Shop Achievement

The Shredder

First, you need to get yourself a Shredder. You can unlock a Shredder (Any size works) by opening your Research Catalog (You can open that by pressing Tab). Once you’ve unlocked the Shredder (Any size works), you can start printing the Shredder using one of the Printers.

After you have printed your Shredder, you can place it on any platform of your choice. Don’t forget to plug-in your Platform! Remember that the Shredder does generate some Scrap. I recommend placing one Medium Storage right next to it. This will prevent the Shredder from clogging!

The Tethers

Now you have your Shredder all set up! The next step is to actually shred stuff with it. We will use Tethers for that! First of all, you’ll need a minimum of 5 Full Tether Stacks. You can just craft them with some Compound.

Then, you’ll want to layout lines of Tethers like shown on the image:

After you have placed down your Tethers make sure that you don’t have any Tethers left in your Inventory. If you don’t want to place them all down at once you can simply drag them out of your Inventory and lay them nearby on the ground.

Now, hold Shift and click on one of the Tethers. You’ll see that this Tether has created a Stack in your Inventory with only one Tether in it.

Now finally, you can put this single Tether into the Shredder! This will count as one of the 50 Items that need to be shredded!

You then repeat this process of Shredding single Tether Stacks until you get the Achievement!

Guide by Jake.

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