My Hero Academia Season 4

Watch Chrissy Costanza’s Remarkable Performance in My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia anime is not all about fighting. In fact, the latest My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 23 just gave fans an epic concert performed by Deku and the UA Class 1-A.

Following the rescue mission in Shie Hassaikai Arc, My Hero Academia immediately proceeds with the U.A. School Festival Arc. In the series, the school is holding its annual school festival and Class 1-A decides to present a dance and live band concert to ease the tensions that happened in the past.

My Hero Academia Season 4

The preparations are getting smoothly until Midoriya faced Gentle Criminal and engaged in a fight. Fortunately, our little hero handled the situation and continued the performance. Eri, who is burdened by the previous battle, was also present in the event. During the performance, Mirio and Deku finally see the smile on Eri’s face.

Collaborating with Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current, Jiro’s voice during the concert is outstanding. You can rewatch her performance in the full concert replay below.

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