Clive ‘N’ Wrench Gamepad Controls Guide

Are you having a hard time winning in Clive ‘N’ Wrench? If so, this guide is the perfect spot for you. On this page, you will be able to learn the default Clive ‘N’ Wrench controls to help you get started. Clive ‘N’ Wrench is an action 3D platformer video game developed by Dinosaur Bytes Studio for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC via Steam.

Clive ‘N’ Wrench Controls

The following are the default Clive ‘N’ Wrench gamepad controls:

MovementLeft Analog Stick
Camera MovementRight Analog Stick
First PersonR3
Watchfinder RadarD-Pad Up
Sleep (Hold)D-Pad Down
Sprint / Fast SwimLB
Ancient Stone ListView Button
PauseMenu Button
Camera ResetRT
Crouch / Belly FlopRB
Interact / SpeakY
Jump / Double Jump / Swim ForwardA
Chimp Chopper / Dive UnderwaterX
Clive ‘N’ Wrench Controls

You can also refer to the full in-game controls screenshot below:

This concludes our Clive ‘N’ Wrench controls guide. Good luck!

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