Cold Massacre Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will show you how to reach 100% achievements in Cold Massacre.

Before We Begin

This is my first guide, I noticed information about this game is pretty slim. The key that I’ll be using is bolded text for items that you’ll be picking up and for the different locations, just to keep things easier to understand. I’ll initially explain where things are, but after they’ve been brought up I’ll just ask you to go pick up something or go enter a location.

Notes about scripted events:

  • 16:00 – Sun sets
  • 18:00 – Power gets cut
  • 20:00 – You begin to get hunted

Endings Achievement

The goal of this ending is to fill the car with 4 Jerrycans found around the map.
Walk southeast to find a square piece of paper, the Shack Code. Stand on it, remember the code. This code will change every playthrough.
Exit the Cabin into the Outside area.
Run southwest to the park area, and grab the Jerry Can.
Bring it to the car in the north west and dump it in.
Head to the southwest corner of the map to the Shack and enter the code you hopefully memorized. Enter the Shack.
Grab the Jerrycan and bring it to the car. Dump it in.
Go back to the Shack and grab the Locker Key
Return to the Cabin. Open the locker on the top right. Grab the Jerry Can
Bring it to the car, dump it.
Go back to the Shack and grab the Com-Center Key
Go to the Com-Center on the southeast of the Outside map and grab the last Jerrycan
Bring it to the car, dump it in. Congrats, the first ending.

Unlocked: Ending 1 Achievement

The goal of this ending is to call for help, before it is necessary.
Grab the Com-Center Key
Enter the Com-Center
Go use the Primitive Computer, easy.

Unlocked: Ending 2 Achievement

This time, you need to call for help while it is necessary.
Grab the Com-Center Key and enter the Com-Center
Grab the Jerrycan
Go to the backup generator, which you will find Outside and to the west of the Com-Center. Go onto the grass instead of following the path.
Fill it with the Jerrycan
Wait until AFTER 20:00 as this is when he begins hunting. The backup generator will trigger when the power goes out and keep the computer alive.
Go use the Primitive Computer.

Unlocked: Ending 3 Achievement

For this one, you’ll have to make it to 10:00 without dying.
I recommend remembering the shack code, going to the shack and grabbing the Firewood
Bring this back to the Cabin, and light the furnace just above the door.
If you do, you will receive

Unlocked: Fireman Achievement

Remember the killer will be triggered and start the hunt at 20:00.
You’ll basically be playing cat and mouse. Walking diagonally makes you the same speed as the killer, whereas just walking horizontally makes you slower.
If you’re outside too long, you will start taking damage because of the cold. That’s what the lit furnace is for
The method that I used was simply kiting him in the cabin. This way I didn’t have to worry about cold, and your sprint regenerates faster.
I walked up DIAGONALLY so you’re faster than him into the locker corner, then SPRINTED around the killer to start walking diagonally down to the furnace corner. Sprint around him again to walk diagonally up into the locker corner, rinse and repeat.
If you do get damaged, there’s a hidden health potion in an area we haven’t spoken about before. Open your map, you will see a break in the east wall on the path going towards the Com-Center.
Go to the break on the map, and walk up and down a little and you will be Out of Bounds. The killer cannot follow you here, BUT your timer will pause so you can’t camp in the out of bounds area. The health potion will be southeast from the entrance into this area. If you continue to walk east, you will see the other rooms, and can walk through the wall to enter them. This can help with keeping the killer off your trail if you’re in a pinch.
If you enter this area, you will receive.

Unlocked: Out of Bounds Achievement

And drinking the potion gets you

Unlocked: Medic Achievement

Once the time hits 10:00, you will unlock Ending 4

Unlocked: Ending 4 Achievement

Here, we need to kill the killer with a bear trap.
Go to the backup generator grassy area, and go up. You should see the Bear Trap. Pick it up.
The way that I did this, is by placing the Bear Trap above the Electrical Room, in that long corridor. Don’t forget to also PRIME THE BEAR TRAP. Or it will do nothing.
You can either wait for 20:00 for him to emerge from the Electrical Room, or you can go memorize the shack code, grab the electrical key from the Shack, and enter the Electrical Room after 18:00 when the power goes off. You’ll get a small cutscene and he’ll start chasing you immediately, and you will probably get injured in the process.
Lead him into the primed Bear Trap. DO NOT WALK THROUGH IT YOURSELF, it will kill you. (Or do, and get an achievement).

Unlocked: Good job. Achievement

Once you trap him in there, you’ll get Ending 5.

Unlocked: Ending 5 Achievement

For this one, follow the advice of your map, and open the Com-Center after 7:00.
Grab the Com-Center Key whenever you’re done with your inventory, likely after starting a fire.
You’ll need to survive until 7:00. Follow the advice of Ending 4, and stay alive.
At about 6:30, I started making my way to the Com-Center. I passed through the Out of Bounds area while doing so, just to make sure I lost him. After 7:00 hits, you can unlock the Com-Center.
Grab the Jerrycan and fill the backup generator.
Go back to the Com-Center and interact with the Primitive Computer.

Unlocked: Ending 6 Achievement

And if you’ve followed the guide and have endings 1-6, also unlock

Unlocked: All six fates Achievement

Now that you’ve finished the first 6 endings, the music box is in play. Go summon a friend.
Go to the bear trap and keep going up, you should see a music box. Grab it.
Open your map, and go to where the arrow is pointing that says “Music?”. It is near the entrance to the Out of Bounds area.
Place the music box. and wind it.

Unlocked: Ending 7 Achievement

Before starting ending 8, if you haven’t already found and picked up the 2 cartridges, you’ll need to do that now, as the arcade machine is now active. Once you pick them up, you keep them. So if you’ve already done so you don’t need to get them again.
Both of them are marked on the map, a red circle in Out of Bounds, and a green circle behind the Com-Center.
Once you grab the green cartridge.

Unlocked: Maledicta Mater Achievement

and the red

Unlocked: Tristis Puer Achievement

If you hadn’t been out of bounds yet, you’ll get that one also.
As the ghost told you when you summoned them, you need to keep the music box running. So go pick that up.
Head over to the new arcade cabinet in the park, and place the music box beside the it. Wind the music box
Interact with the arcade cabinet and hit y to play the cartridges.
In Tristis Puer, go to the left until you see the axe. Walk over it to pick it up. Walk back to your house on the right.

Unlocked: A beginning Achievement

In Maledicta Mater, chase the person throughout the house to the right.

Unlocked: On your conscience Achievement

For this ending, you’ll want to help some ghostly children.
Memorize the shack code
Go get the music box and place it in the park. Wind it.
This makes 2 ghostly children appear.
Open the shack and grab the firewood.
Head back to the park, wind the music box, and interact with the kid on the right, by the spring rider toy. He will follow you, and wants warmth.
Go to the cabin, light the furnace, and interact with it again to set the ghost kid there to unlock.

Unlocked: Warm in a cold world Achievement

and if you hadn’t already lit the furnace, you will also get.

Go back to the park, wind the music box
Go to the shack and grab the electrical key
Go back to the park and wind the music box
We will need to get the teddy bear from the electrical room.
If you did these steps fast enough, the killer will be in the electrical room still.
I like to stand at the top of the loop above the electrical room, wait for me to start chasing me, and run down the loop in the opposite direction of the killer to the electrical room.
Grab the teddy bear.
Take the teddy bear back to the girl at the park and give it to her to unlock.

Unlocked: A birthday present Achievement

Wind the music box.
Grab the third cartridge that has just spawned in the park beside you, and use it at the arcade cabinet.

Unlocked: Felicissimum Dies Achievement

Play the new cartridge, and just keep walking right. There will be spirits that speak to you on the way.

Unlocked: Storyteller Achievement and Ending 8 Achievement

Other Achievements

This section will have all the achievements that aren’t necessary to complete all 8 endings.

If you magically haven’t already, die to the killer. I believe you can figure this one out.

The bear trap isn’t going to kill off your entire healthbar, you need to lose a little bit of it before stepping in the trap. Either freeze a little by just standing outside, or run into the killer and get damaged. Then step in your set up trap.

If you hadn’t already found it, head into the out of bounds area and go to the southeast of the out of bounds forest, you should be able to find it. Then interact with it.

Here’s another one in the Out of Bounds area. You need to go as east as possible in out of bounds. I did it by just walking along the bottom. Don’t step into a room or you’ll have to go all the way back around to the entrance. Once you’ve hit the wall, go up. You’ll see a giant face in the void, walk on it.

From the void face, keep going up. All the way to the Northeast corner of the void. You’ll see the staff, go up to it.

When I popped this one, I’d changed my date to January 11th 2022, to coincide with the void face’s calendar, and quit. I then reloaded back in to see if changing my date did anything, and the 100% achievement popped. I’m not certain if it’s because I changed the date, or just because I loaded into the game with every other achievement unlocked. You can try just quitting and loading back in, if that doesn’t pop it try changing the date.

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