Fortnite Week 10: Collect Fireflies from Weeping Woods Location

One of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 10 is called “Collect Fireflies from Weeping Woods.” The new task is pretty simple and self-explanatory as you only need to collect the fireflies from a certain location.

Assuming that you’re not familiar with the map due to some changes every season, below is the guide that will help you complete the challenge.

Collect Fireflies from Weeping Woods Location

Once you jump off the bus, all you need to do is directly drop to Weeping Woods. There you need to collect a total of 5 fireflies. While this is an easy challenge, take note that you’re not the only player on the island. Make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings or you will find yourself in a difficult situation.

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