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College Kings – How to Have Sex With Aubrey

This guide will be showing you the details on how you can trigger the sex scenes in College Kings. Please note that the steps below are the fastest ways that you can try to trigger the scenes. There’s a possibility that there are some more ways to get the sex scenes in the game.

Before we continue, be reminded that this guide contains spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

College Kings Aubrey Sex Scene Guide

This guide has been tested on the latest version of College Kings, which is 0.7.3. Currently, you can have an intimate moment with three girls including Emily, Riley, and Aubrey.


Okay, Aubrey is like the college thot who is nice to you and lowkey chill. She seems like she’s been passed around a lot because the first free-roam scene you get, you can walk into her getting raw dogged in the dorm opposite to you lol. Maybe she’s just freaky who knows.

First Scene

The first time you meet Aubrey and speak to her is at the Apes’ frat party. This scene happens no matter what you choose since it won’t let you go past the first room until you talk to Josh and Aubrey.

She speaks to you and she seems pretty chill, you can either flirt with her or just choose the other options but I’m pretty sure they don’t affect the chance to have sex with her, probably just flirt tho. She then talks about Grayson which no one really cares about and after the conversation you can enter other rooms and or exit free roam.

After the scene where you can fight or walk past Tom (the dude who you blue ball after he talks about rocks/minerals to Chloe lol) insulting you, Josh sends you a message on your phone. The message Josh sends says Aubrey wanted your number, I chose the second option which pretty much gets you her number.

After some more story, Aubrey texts you asking you to hang out I’m pretty sure no matter what you reply you end up going costume shopping with her. Then Penelope will walk up to you on the street, you can either choose to postpone Aubrey for Penelope (gains you nothing) or you can reply to Aubrey saying you’re on your way.

You are now costume shopping with Aubrey. Feel free to try on all the outfits and peek on Aubrey, the first outfit triggers the scene where she catches you peeking on her changing, you can legit just apologise and she’s fine with it, but if you deny it she will be mad for lying lol.

After more of the story and learning fighting moves with Imre, Aubrey messages you asking you to come over, there’s not an option to say no so you are on your way to see Aubrey. You enter her room through the window and you guys play Truth or Dare, it doesn’t matter if you pick truth or dare. You are then given an option to kiss her or stop it, we all know what the obvious option is. This then leads you to your first sex scene with Aubrey.

Second Scene

After some more story, Aubrey gives you another random call asking you to come over, if you choose to go, you pretty much just end up having sex lol. This is the second sex scene with Aubrey.

Third Scene

The next time you see Aubrey is at homecoming, you can either ask her out (when I asked her out she just rejected me but pretty much said come see her for some action) or just see her at the party. Once you’re at the homecoming party go to the left side of the first room and you will see Aubrey and Riley taking photos, click on them and after the dialogue, Riley will leave. Click on Aubrey again and she will ask you to go to the bathroom with her. Choosing yes will lead you to your third sex scene with Aubrey where she gives you some sneaky head.

I’m pretty sure you can get this scene no matter what choices you choose throughout the story.

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