Crime Passional Achievement Walkthrough Guide and Tips

This guide will be showing you the step-by-step process of how to get all Crime Passional achievements. As of the moment, there’s a total of 16 achievements in the game.


Crime Passional is a well-thought and tense PS2-styled first-person survival adventure that features a total of 16 achievements. This guide provides clean-cut pointers for getting them all.
Before starting out, mind that the achievements do not work after finishing a run or failing to do so. Returning to the main menu to start from scratch does not help either. So, be sure to exit and relaunch the game after every successful run or death.

Even though the game features five endings, the main attraction here is keeping your stalker at bay until the police arrive, so I would recommend going for ‘Good Ending’ first, as well as getting the secrets as detailed below (minus the last three) and ‘Bad Ending’ along the way. After seeing this ‘first’ (and the only violence-free) good ending, you can go for the remaining three.

Here are some notes and tips for survival, if need be:

  • First things first: know that you are safe as long as there are still chores to do.
  • It is better to be prepared than to be sorry, so get yourself ready before finishing the chores.
  • Open all the doors, turn on all the lights, and check all the drawers and cabinets.
  • Your inventory holds only three items. Press Q while holding an item to drop it on the ground.
  • Each run spawns throughout the house:
    • A lighter, a hammer, a drill and a tape on occasion;
    • Three sets of wooden planks (each consisting of three planks) and two or three metal plates;
    • Three boxes of nails (each can be used for three times);
    • A slice of bread (fixed in the kitchen), a chocolate bar and granola bar;
    • A coffee machine (fixed in the kitchen) and a cup (in the kitchen or in the living room);
    • A knife and a pot (both in the kitchen).
  • Find and gather the lighter, the hammer, the drill and the tape on the dining table.
  • Find and put the chocolate bar and the granola bar next to the slice of bread.
  • Turn on the coffee machine, find the cup and put it next to the said machine.
  • Find the pot in the kitchen, fill it water and put it on boil in case the stalker breaks in.
  • Take note of the plank sets, the metal plates and the nail boxes.
  • If there is nothing of use in any given drawer or cabinet, close it to avoid confusion.
  • Call the police as soon as you have the chance to do so.
  • Read and reply to the messages immediately – every second one expects a reply.
    • Always reply with the mildest / most evasive option available to stay on his good side.
    • You risk a power outage once his patience drops down to the half of the bar.
    • It is still possible to interact with the environment to some extent even during the outage.
    • If you are caught in an outage without the lighter at hand, you can not pick it up anymore.
  • There are three doors into the house and six chairs around the dining table.
  • Carry two chairs to each door. Place one immediately and leave the second next to it as backup.
  • Gather the metal plates next to the dining table, where the tools reside.
  • Listen for the stalker and start making your rounds accordingly.
  • Do not put anything on the doors or the windows unless their strength bar drops to yellow.
  • Utilize the chairs and the planks (needs the hammer and nails) for strengthening the doors.
  • Utilize the plates (needs the drill) and the planks for strengthening the windows.
  • Utilize the tape (if at hand / ten uses) for quickly strengthening the doors and the windows.
  • Consume the edibles or drink a cup of coffee from time to time to keep yourself energized.
  • Remember that the radio and the two television sets can be useful for attracting his attention.


Opting for the duo of ‘Good Ending’ / ‘Bad Ending’ is recommended for the first run.

Bad Ending
Press F to pay respects.

Get killed. If the stalker breaks in, you are dead by the second slash unless you defend yourself.

Good Ending
Everything went well, you are safe, for now.

Call the police and survive the next fifteen minutes. – See the Foreword section for tips.

Second Good Ending
Call an ambulance, but not for me.

Shoot and kill the stalker with the pistol once he breaks in. – See ‘The Death Note’ below.

Third Good Ending
Someone needs plastic surgery.

Kill the stalker with the knife. A pan of boiling water is needed alongside the knife. As you are doing the chores, look for the knife and the pan in the kitchen. Fill the pan with water and put it in the oven for boiling (it takes a while). Have these two items at hand when he breaks in. Throw the water on his face as he approaches and end him with the knife while he is writhing in pain.

Fourth Good Ending
A punishment too harsh?

Kill the stalker with the help of the circular saw. As soon as he breaks in, runs to the workshop and uses the switch for starting the table-mounted saw. Move to the other side of the table (as shown in the second shot above) and keep facing him as he approaches.


Listed roughly in order of appearance. Yet the last three are conditional.

Enjoying the funny falls?

Interact with the computer in your room, switch to the third tab of the browser, and keep watching.

You got at least 10,000 points in Zombies in the Chacara.

You got at least 20,000 points in Zombies in the Chacara.

Interact with the game console in your room to play the mini-game in which you have to survive an endless rush of zombies within a two-storied chacara. Each kill gives you 100 points so you need to kill at least 200 of them to get the gold cup. Just keep moving and shooting.

What a big and beautiful cat!

Get the lighter and interact with the feline picture found on the drawer dresser in the guest room.

OK I Pull Up
How funny these giant hamsters.

Keep interacting with one of the two TVs until you come across a broadcast about capybaras.

Man of Culture
It is good to be aware of what is happening in the world.

There are four newspapers laying around the house: one on the dining table in the kitchen, one on the broken washing machine in the laundry room, another on the shelves within the workshop and a final one on one of the crates in the garage. Read all of them in a single run.

Great Eater
Food that you see, food that disappears.

With each run spawns three pieces of edibles: a slice of bread, a chocolate bar and a granola bar. Eat all of them in a single run.

A Good Coffee
Nothing better than a good coffee on a cold night.

Interact with the coffee machine in the kitchen to start it, look for the cup in the kitchen or in the living room and serve yourself some once it is ready. – Can be served multiple times!

The Death Note
The note that changes everything.

With each run -unless you do the chores in record time- you receive another message, shortly after the one about the tasks, either from one of your three friends or your stepfather, Bruno. Once you receive a message from him, thank him in reply. In turn, he texts you again telling about a note. Look for a piece of paper in the mentioned area and interact with it to learn the code for the strongbox in the parents’ room. – The note’s location and code itself are random.

(*) The strongbox in question holds the pistol that is required for getting ‘Second Good Ending’.

No Intruders
Tape fixes everything.

With each run, there is a chance of a roll of fix tape being spawned somewhere in the house that comes in pretty handy for quickly strengthening the doors and the windows. Considering you are in one of those lucky runs, simply use all of the tapes -can be used up to ten times- as you see fit.

A Real Housekeeper
You finished the tasks quite fast.

Each run initially sees you doing three chores randomly picked from the nine available. Right after reading the message about them, make haste and do them all in under three minutes (estimated). It is better to leave this achievement to the very last until you have due knowledge of how to deal with all the chores. Luck plays a part too since some of them take less time than others.

Feel free to comment if you require further assistance.

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