Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion – How To Make Healing Attacks

Healing attacks can be a valuable tool in Crisis Core, a role-playing game where enemies can deal significant damage. These attacks can restore your health or magic points (MP) while also dealing damage to your foes.

To make healing attacks in Crisis Core, you’ll need to have the matter fusion ability unlocked. This allows you to combine different abilities to create powerful attacks, including those that heal HP or MP. Some key ingredients for these attacks include Drain and Osmose, which drain the health or MP of enemies, respectively, and Assault Twister or Death Blade, which deal damage.

Before you begin a fusion, be sure to consider which attack you want to create, as the result will be nullified if you use a powerful spell materia. Some examples of healing attacks include Drain Blade (Drain + Assault Twister), Energy Drain (Drain + Stop Blade), Air Drain (Drain/Osmose + Assault Twister), Osmose Power (Osmose + Death Blade), and Osmose Blade (Drain + Attack Up).

To use these attacks, simply equip them in your materia slots and activate them when needed. Keep in mind that they may require charging before use, which can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks. It can also be helpful to use these attacks when enemies are afflicted with ailments, as they will be more vulnerable to the draining effect.

By following these steps, you can make healing attacks in Crisis Core and keep yourself alive during tough battles. Good luck on your journey!

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