Cross Tails Achievements Walkthrough Guide and Tips

Curious about the achievements in Cross Tails? Read on! Cross Tails has a total of 49 achievements.


  • There are 30 story-related achievements in this game across 2 storylines.
    • Kingdom of Ranverfurt
    • Republic of Hidiq
  • Each route has 2 endings that branch off from the Common Route:
    • Common Route → War Route -OR- True Route
    • The True Route is only available on your second run on the same save file.


  • There are 10 achievements related to Classes
    • 9 for changing into X/Y/Z class.
    • 1 for setting a sub-class (unlocks at level 10)


7 achievements:

  • Raised a unit’s level to 99.
  • Dealt 9,999 damage in battle.
  • Completed a free battle for the first time.
  • Strengthened for the first time.
  • Learned/strengthened 256 skills.
  • Exchanged a rare item for the first time.
  • Used Beast Skill 30 times.

Golden Chests

There are 2 achievements for opening all Golden Chests in each storyline. Each story counts it on the same save file so to get all chests for a specific storyline, you have to grab the Golden Chests from the Common Route, the War Route, continue onto NG+, and then grab all the Golden Chests from the True Route.

  • Kingdom of Ranverfurt – 41 Golden Chests
  • Republic of Hidiq – 47 Golden Chests

Don’t fret too much about getting all Golden Chests in a Story Battle when you first see them. You can revisit the Free Battle that mirrors the map to get them later. You can tell how many Golden Chests are supposed to be in that Story/Free Battle by looking for a Golden Chest icon:

Ranverfurt Explorer
Opened 41 gold treasure chests in the ‘Kingdom of Ranverfurt’ Story.

Hidiq Explorer
Opened 47 gold treasure chests in the ‘Republic of Hidiq’ Story.

As mentioned in the FAQ above, you can check all free battles to see if you missed any Golden Chests before finishing the final chapter. Other tips:

  • Use Summons to reach inconvenient Golden Chest locations.

  • The Spy’s (Unique Class) Beast Skill, Full Support, is great for advancing your entire group towards heavily guarded Golden Chest. It’s also great for sneaking through.

Divine Hit

There are many ways to obtain Divine Hit. Some factors to consider:

  • Racial Damage Bonus Skills (Hundian/Felis)
  • Near Death ATK Bonus Orbs
  • Stat Up Orbs
  • ATK/MATK Orbs
  • Physical/Elemental ATK Bonus from individual FAITH.
  • Physical/Elemental ATK Bonus from employed STRATEGY.
  • The list goes on.

One way I used was the combination of a Magic Swordsman/Archer combo with some of the modifiers listed above (Stats+, ATK+, Fire+, Near Death ATK+, etc). There’s a really confined free battle on the Republic of Hidiq War Route with several golems. Steps:

  • Level 99 with several classes maxed (useful but you don’t have to go too hard).
  • Equip Berserker Armor and Sunblade (the Fire GS) on Shaimaa.
  • Enter the Free Battle with her (make sure you have both of her Clan Princess passives).
  • To start, kill all Golems not weak to Fire.
  • As you get closer to sub-25% HP, whittle down the Golems to a manageable amount.
  • Buff yourself with the Archer’s Power Charge (it won’t expire until you attack).
    • Before you start your next buffs, ensure you have 1 charge of Beast Power.
  • Buff yourself with 1/2 other buff(s) such as the MS’ Demon’s Aura.
  • Cast the Magus Slash Beast Skill on any Golem Weak to Fire.

Divine Hit
Dealt 9,999 damage in battle.

If you’d like to share your own method, please leave a comment with as much detail as possible. I’ll add it in if the information is sufficient.

Training Meister

Training Meister
Raised a unit’s level to 99.

You can do this achievement in either Storyline. I personally did it on the Republic of Hidiq War Route since Nisrine was over-leveling everyone by a mile thanks to being higher level at the start and the EXP Spear + the EXP Armor and Accessories I gave him (Runestone Strengthened). Even better, you can also buy the EXP Weapons, Armor, and Accessories from the Rare Item Shop and resell them for the same price later. Wish I found this out sooner!

If you do it on the Kingdom of Ravenfurt (KoR) Storyline, rushing the Beast Skill Expert achievement can help you immensely because it rewards a Strategy that boosts Beast Power earned. Barth, a recruit that joins you late into the KoR Common Route, has a global EXP boost Beast Skill in his Unique Job Skill Tree. If you want the least effort method to level to 99, pick a Free Battle with high EXP rewards (this is different from the EXP from actions taken in battle) and that you can auto-battle effectively. This is a better method in case some of your units are not taking enough actions in auto-battle or are not mobile enough to join the action early.

NOTE: I don’t suggest hiring any extra units unless you feel you really need it to proceed. They cut into your exp share.

First Exchange

First Exchange
Exchanged a rare item for the first time.

As mentioned under Training Meister, you can buy Equipment from the Rare Item shop and resell it for the same amount of currency. This is a powerful thing to know especially in NG+ because you can literally buy full sets of EXP gear and then re-gear near the end as needed. This doesn’t apply to Consumables and Strategies in the same shop category.

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