Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III Complete Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in Crusader Kings III. If you’re one of the players having a hard time obtaining all Crusader Kings III achievements, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Crusader Kings III Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 66 achievements in the game. Below is the complete list of achievements and the steps on how to obtain these achievements.

Until Death Do Us Part – Marry another character

  • Simply create their own ruler but he has to be unmarried. Click on yourself find a wife and send her a proposal. That’s it!

It’s not a Cult! – Create a Faith

  • King Louis II of Italy in 867 offers the best start both because of the level of devotion and because Catholicism has the slowest Fervor growth. Then get the skill Prophet in the learning tree which lets you create a faith cheaper. Now, wait until you get enough religion points and then create faith in the religion menu.

Death Did Us Part – Murder your spouse

  • You have to start a murder scheme against your wife. Use the Intrigue lifestyle to get a higher chance and call agents to help you.

Turning to Diamonds – Reach the highest possible Stress level

  • Start as Jarl Björn of Uppland in 867. With him, you can immediately reach the highest possible Stress level by starting 10 Murder Schemes and directly cancel them, because he is honest.

Stressful Situation – Suffer from a Mental Break

  • This one is one of the easiest! Just start the game with any character and reset your lifestyle points and that’s it.

Not So Feudal System – Use the Claim Throne scheme successfully

  • Start as Duke Nuno of Portugal in 1066. Then you have to skill Meritocracy in the Stewardship lifestyle. Now start a claim throne scheme on your King and Liege. Just wait until you get the claim!

The Things We Do for Love – Murder your lover’s spouse

  • Start with Urraca in Zamora as a Vassall of King Leon who is located in Spain, because she is already his lover. Select his wife and start a murder scheme with the Intrigue lifestyle.

A House of My Own – Create a Cadet Branch of your Dynasty

  • In 1066 Duke Leofwine Godwineson of Kent which is located in England can immediately create a Cadet Branch. Go on your Dynasty Menu and select it.

The Succession is Safe – Have ten living children

  • You can use the Ruler Designer to create a player with 9 children already. Now, wait until your wife gets pregnant.

Fine Print – Use a hook to modify a feudal contract

  • In 1066 King Harold II Godwineson of England starts with a Strong Hook on a Vassal. Now you only have to use it.

Moving up in the World – Increase your Rank

  • In 867 Jarl Rurik Rurikid of Novgorod starts with the land and gold required to create the Kingdom of Novgorod.

Seven Holy Cities – As a Hindu ruler, hold all seven Hindu Holy Sites at the same time

  • In 867 Maharaja Bhoja of Pratihara who is located in India starts in control of 6/7 Holy Citys. You only need to create a claim on the region Kanchipuram in the south of India. Win the war and it’s done!

Celebrity – Reach the highest possible Prestige Level

  • In 867 Count Hæsteinn of Montaigu which is located in France starts with the Exalted among Men level of Fame. Now you have to win the war to get the needed fame for the last level.

An Unfortunate Accident – Inherit a title from someone you murdered

  • The start has the heir of Caliph Al-Mu´tazz of Abbasid in 867. Now use the Intrigue lifestyle and kill your Liege with a murder scheme to get his title.

Saint – Reach the highest possible Piety Level

  • In 867 King Louis II of Italy starts with the Faithful level of fame. Choose the Theology skill and go with your pilgrimage to Jerusalem and wait until you get this achievement.

For the Faith! – Take part in a successful Great Holy War, on either side

  • In 1066, only Catholicism and Ash’arism satisfy the conditions for declaring the Great Holy Wars, and the Pope will unlock this ability in 1095, before the Caliph. Thus starting as a Catholic in 1066 and participating in the First Crusade is the quickest way to get this achievement.

From Rags to Riches – Starting as a Count, lead your line to rule an Empire

  • The easiest way to obtain the achievement is by starting as the heir of Seljuk in 1066. Just wait until your Liege dyes or kill him with a murder scheme.

Prolific – Have one hundred living dynasty members

  • The Seljuk dynasty in 1066 offers both the best start. Then check that all of your members a married and wait until there are 100 of you.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – While holding any empire title, be naked

  • Start as the emperor of the holy roman empire and go with a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Try this until you get the “Adams Innocence” Event and convert to Adamitism. This will take you a few tries.

Way of Life – Complete an entire Lifestyle (all three trees)

  • Use the Ruler Designer to create an 18-year-old character with the highest Education Trait and Genius. This greatly speeds up perk acquisition while giving you plenty of time to complete the three trees. If you don’t plan on doing anything else in the playthrough, the Learning education and perk trees are recommended for the health boosts.

Dreadful Ruler – Have the maximum amount of dread

  • Mass executing prisoners can quickly generate dread. Each execution will also cost 100 piety and decrease clergy opinion unless a prisoner is of a hostile or evil faith, or you have the Divine Retribution perk from the Torturer tree of the Intrigue lifestyle. No more than 10 prisoners should be needed. Also, there are some traits that gain you more dread.

Bad Blood – Go to war with one of your siblings over a Claim

  • Start as King Alfonso of Leon in 1066 and start a war against King Garcia of Galicia next to you with the claim casus belli.

Other achievements that are not mentioned here are self-explanatory and no longer need any detailed instruction.

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