Cynthia Hidden in the Moonshadow Achievement Walkthrough

An efficient handbook for individuals who may have overlooked certain achievements during their initial playthrough. Encompasses all 12 achievements, providing a brief description of each achievement and offering guidance on how to obtain them while minimizing spoilers.


The aim of this guide is to provide a concise overview of the 12 achievements in the game, along with the necessary steps to unlock them. Since I couldn’t find any existing online resources, I hope this guide proves helpful to those who may have missed out on a couple of achievements!

Story Related (Unmissable)

Out of the total 12 achievements, 7 of them are directly tied to the game’s story and are considered unavoidable.

To maintain the element of surprise, I will provide a list of these achievements without delving into any further details. Additionally, I have labeled the accompanying images as spoilers, allowing readers to skip this section if they wish to preserve the element of surprise.

Collectibles and Actions (Missable)

There are two additional types of achievements in this game:


Hidden Chests / Costumes: On every level, there is a concealed chest that holds a unique skin or outfit for Cynthia. Two achievements are associated with this feature:

This achievement necessitates locating all five secret chests. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to find, so take your time and thoroughly explore each pathway, especially in the less linear sections. The game rarely presents situations where you are unable to backtrack and explore uncharted areas.

The second achievement is straightforward: just change Cynthia’s skin or outfit from the pause menu. Note that there are a few instances, such as when crouching, climbing, or performing other animations, where this action is not possible. Make sure to find a location where the character is in a stationary standing position to avoid any errors while attempting to switch outfits.

Journal Entries: Additionally, there are concealed journal entries scattered throughout the game world, contributing to the development of the overarching story. These entries can be found at the tents dispersed across the levels, but acquiring them is not necessary for unlocking an achievement.


The rest of the achievements are earned by completing specific actions in-game.

As the description suggests, simply fleeing from the AI will earn you this achievement. Interestingly, I unintentionally achieved it while employing the animal mastery/bird distraction skill for the first time, which occurred in the third level, if I recall correctly. However, be cautious, as once the AI detects you, they have the potential to eliminate you in a single hit.

There are multiple cats positioned throughout various levels in the game. To obtain the ‘Feline Favorite’ achievement, approach one of these cats and interact with it (using the X button on a controller) to pet it.

Lastly, the most challenging achievement, if you will, involves striking 20 of the targets scattered across the game world. Rest assured, there are more targets than required, so missing a few along the way should not be a cause for concern. During my playthrough, I counted at least 35 targets, while only 20 are needed to earn the achievement.

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