Dark Siren Achievement Guide and Tips

This guide will be showing you how to get all achievements in Dark Siren.

Normal Mode

This is basically easy mode. Each note is marked on your screen, so just head to each note and avoid the Siren. This is basically just to give you an idea of how the game is and showing you what to look for in the harder difficulties.

Get caught once to unlock an achievement also as you should get this one done before you start the harder difficulties since the third time you’re caught is game over.

Once you collected all the notes, head for the exit door at the corner of the map to complete the game and get a cutscene.

At the end of this you should unlock these achievements in this order.

The First Encounter
First encounter with Dark Siren.

The Caught
Captured by the Dark Siren.

Open the Door
Opened the locked door.

Normal Ending
Complete the normal ending.

Change Her Clothes

Once you beat the first difficulty, you unlock different clothing for the Siren.

Go into extra and change into the swimsuit you just unlocked for the next achievement.

Fitted Swimsuit
Unlocked the skin and change the skin.

Hard Mode

This is where the game gets a bit harder and where I decided to write the guide for this to give some tips on how to complete it.

You lose the guided marks on where each note is so you have to search every room for each note and not only that, but now she can go into the rooms also.

Also remember, If she catches you 3 times, it’s game over

Tips on beating Hard Mode.

  • Keep her in your sights at all times.
  • Stay behind her so you don’t lose her.
  • When she enters a room, it gives you time to go check another room nearby.
  • Stay behind her.
  • Don’t be too close to her though because she might U-Turn and capture you.
  • If you do happen to lose the SIren, go to the outer area and wait near the middle while checking your surroundings.
  • The Siren gets caught on boxes and doors a lot, so this actually gives you time to search multiple rooms nearby.

Staying behind her does take longer to complete the game but it is the safest way to finish.

When you get all 20 notes, you will have to find 1 more hidden memo. It tells you to exit through the secret exit instead of the same exit as before. (I tried to see if you can still exit through previous difficulties door and it doesn’t let you)

So once you get the hidden memo, the new exit is in the room with the bathrooms in the back. Look to the right for a door.

Once finished with Hard Mode, you should unlock:

True Ending
Complete the true ending.

Invisible Mode

This is the easiest one out of all the difficulties. You unlock invisibility and can even go up and touch the Siren.

For this, you will have to go into the rooms and ring a bell to mess with the Siren. Instead of always changing rooms, just sit in the same room and keep ringing the same bell so this mode can be finished quickly for an amazing cutscene and the final achievement.

Extra Ending
Complete the extra ending.

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