Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Where to Find All Fragrant Branch of Yore

Looking for the Fragnant Branch of Yore in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin to revive the stone statues that are blocking the path? In this page, we will be guiding you through the full steps on where and how to find all of the 12 Fragnant Branch of Yore in the game.


Sells Merchant Hag Melentia for 12,000 souls (x1)

Forest of Fallen Giants

The corpse near the entrance to Memory of Jeigh. You need the symbol of the king to get there.

No-Man’s Wharf

An iron chest in a building at the very end of the location with sleeping varangians, poison jars, and an illusion wall.

Lost Bastille

An iron chest near the fire, to which an eagle brings you. The place where the Pursuer appears.

Sinner’s Rise

Iron Chest after defeating The Lost Sinner.

Harvest Valley

A corpse in a cave, near Gavlan.

Shaded Woods

  • #1

A corpse near Ornifex. You must first revive the stone lion warrior and knock out the key to her dungeon.

  • #2

iron chest with Seth the Lion Mage, opposite the towers.

  • #3

Gives the Tark half-scorpion if you talk to him after defeating the Knife.

Lord’s Private Chamber

Drop from the Duke Tseldora.

Iron Keep

Sells Magerold of Lanafir for 7,500 souls.

The Gutter

  • #1

On the corpse. You have to run forward a bit from the 1st fire and jump to the first building on the left. There, behind the jug breaking gear, there will be this corpse hanging from a crossbar.

  • #2

On the corpse before the fog into the Black Gulch.

Undead Crypt

  • #1

Iron chest near the fog to Welstadt (first on the left).

  • #2


Comes out of the second red phantom (if you walk away from the 1st fire). Phantoms appear if you light the fires in the location.

Aldia’s Keep

From the far mimic in the cage. The cages are lowered in a closed room. The key to the room falls from the undead dragon. To revive the dragon, you must ignite 4 pedestals.

Dragon Shrine

Iron chest on the ledge near the Petrified Egg.

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